2011 Horoscope for Leo Zodiac Sign

2011 Horoscope Leo

Astrology forecast for 2011, the year of the White Metal Rabbit. 2011 Horoscope for people born under the Leo Zodiac sign.

In the coming year, Leo individuals will have a significant advantage due to an unusually favorable astral situation in the horoscope for the 2011 white metal rabbit year.

Anything that they would labour on and pursue will become a reality. They will successfully implement projects. Their deepest desires will come true.

Leo individuals are sometimes inclined to doubt or unbelief, at times being renouncing the very idea that people in this world are too insignificant to control their own destiny. However, they will get an opportunity to correct past mistakes. Those stubborn ones, who would not make use of their luck, considering it as undeserved, may live to regret it for years.

Leo love 2011 horoscope

2011 will start well in their families. There will be enough warmth, tenderness and understanding. Already by February, these families will be united by the fact they are equally happy. Those of marriageable age will finally propose to their loved one or accept love proposals from their loved ones. Unmarried ones this winter will fall in love and spend the happiest period of their life.

Spring will bring good luck mainly to those who went on well with love lately. However, certain difficulties will have to be overcome. Leo individuals during spring will be so sexy, so charming and simply beautiful. But there is some danger in this. Married ones will like to do some unusual, heroic deeds.

In summer, Leo individuals will be too lazy to chase the ghostly images of great feelings. They will gain true happiness from their spouses. There will be no special emotions and changes.

At the end of the year, the summer trend will continue. Leo individuals will have a peaceful family life, which however, will become boring by December. In order not to spoil their New Year holidays, they will have to show great humility. Single ones will be tired of their freedom but will not meet someone that has all the qualities they want. There is only one advice in this situation - come to terms with the situation and eat what is given until something more ideal screws up.

Leo career 2011 horoscope

In the sphere of professional interests in 2011, no special highs or lows are expected. They will faithfully perform their professional duties and receive expected results. The only thing worth paying attention to is the probability of a happy event, which will certainly lead to growth. Entrepreneurs may receive an offer of partnership, all the rest - the opportunity to learn and improve their business status.

During spring, their professional life will experience some recovery. Leo individuals who have no business may find good position in a solid company, or start a new business project.

Summer will see their business receiving a boost towards development. They will meet right people, timely receive lucrative orders and all kinds of luck. The employed will witness a career growth.

In autumn, these summer trends will continue. Leo individuals at the end of the year will be very active in their desire to achieve more. They have to relax in this situation. A new interesting offer may come up suddenly and events that would follow would develop rapidly. They should be on the alert until the end of the year so as not to not miss the chance of taking a leading position.

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