Leo Horoscope for October 2011

October 2011 Horoscope Leo

Monthly Horoscope for Leo for October 2011

Monthly October 2011 Horoscope for Leo
Monthly October 2011 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Leo

The Lion will feel a huge resurgence in personal energy and power during the month of October. This upswing in personal energy will go a long way toward helping Leos get through the few challenges which may face them during the opening days of this month. Fortunately, they will have little trouble dealing with whatever problems-large or small-that life tosses their way.

There are a few speed bumps on the road to fun for Leos during the first week or so of this month, but these problems will be worked out quickly and will little ado. In fact, those around you will likely envy the expediency with which you tear through your designated tasks and projects. You may even wind up surprising yourself.

As the month progresses, you'll want to get involved in any sort of physical activity that presents itself. You're body-conscious at the moment and for whatever reason you're feeling a strong need to improve your own physique and overall appearance. There's no surer way to get that healthy glow than to actually get out there and get some exercise. Run, ride a bike, go for a hike or swim laps at the local pool; no matter which route you choose, you're sure to arrive in a better place.

The first half of the month brings a pleasant trip or two. It may be for business or it may be for pleasure; either way you're going to have a good time out on the open road. Make sure and pack light as there are likely to be at least one or two last-minute changes to your plans. In the end, though, these changes are what make the trip worth taking in the first place. Be ready to roll with the punches!

Early October also is a good time to try to improve your communication skills. There are those around you who haven't been "getting you" lately. This is your fault, not theirs'. There's a good chance you really haven't been that great at putting your ideas into words. Now's the time.

Your flirtatious nature will take you to some unusual places during the latter weeks of the month as you build new relationships and come into contact with at least a few people you might not otherwise be familiar with. The second half of the month also sees you delving into family matters and other, more seminal affairs.

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