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2011 December Horoscope

Free December 2011 monthly Horoscope

Monthly December 2011 Horoscope
Monthly December 2011 Horoscope

The planets in December point to a great deal of deliberate action on the part of most of the signs. Projects undertaken during this time will tend to be very calculated and well-planned. Even signs which typically leave much to chance will lean toward careful consideration of any significant action attempted. Whatever you do during this time, make sure you go at it with a great deal of energy and determination; this is a time for hard work, not sloughing off. Hard work will definitely be rewarded and those who can't keep up are likely to be left behind.

This also is a good time to get your ideas down on paper. Don't rely on memory or even electronic planners; there's nothing like a good, solid list of clever ideas in front of you to get the ball rolling on a new project. Once you have things planned out, move ahead with the implementation of those ideas. You'll find that others tend to be willing to lend a hand now to get things under way; those closest to you could well be instrumental in the eventual success of your great ideas. Don't be afraid to spread the credit around; the light will still shine most brightly on the project's primary planner-you. You may find that it takes many small "baby steps" to get the ball rolling. Try not to be frustrated by this.

Good health and overall fitness will likely be foremost in your mind this month, as well. Though this is for many the season for putting on unneeded calories, your best bet will be to continue on with any physical fitness programs you may already be involved in, or-if you're not in a program of some sort-to get started with one. You need to keep active during this time, either with sports or physically challenging leisure activities. Even though it is winter, you still need to think about your physical well-being. If you live near a gym and have the financial wherewithal, purchase a membership and use it. Otherwise, there are all sorts of great outdoor activities to consider; strap on some skates or skis, or just bundle up and get out there for a brisk walk in the beautiful snowy countryside!

The first half of December most signs will find themselves striving to improve (or at least maintain) their physical prowess. But some though should also be given over to taking care of personal relationships, especially during the first week of the month. There could be some challenges ahead for you with regard to the relationships you share with family members, lovers and co-workers; all of these are likely to need some "massaging" this first week. You should consider using the first half of the month to deal constructively with any existing problems which may be plaguing your personal life. You don't want to enter into the New Year with last year's problems still nipping at your heels.

If you've been in the market for a serious partner or a long-term romantic relationship, try to make use of the first half of the month, when conditions will be particularly amenable to this sort of thing. By acting conservatively, but still taking a few well-thought-out risks, you could find yourself settling in nicely with the love of your life by month's end. The traits which will likely be valued most by your potential partner include modesty, chastity and fidelity. If you can develop these and bring them to bear in the relationship, you will find the wheels of love turning most easily for you.

The second half of December should be given over to developing and improving existing relationships. Perhaps there is a family member with whom you are currently quarreling. Now is the time to bury the hatchet, apologize, swallow your pride and try to rebuild previously burned bridges. Even if no problems exist, there is still room for improvement in your current relationships. Give yourself over fully to improving not only your life, but the lives of those around you.

Also during the second half of the month, there is a chance you will find yourself coming in contact with someone new, and under unusual, or even mysterious circumstances. There is the possibility that this chance encounter will turn into a romantic relationship that could well last a lifetime. Don't rule anything out!

Successful Days: 1, 7, 8, 25, 27, 28, 29

Tense Days: 2, 4, 13, 30

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