December 2011 monthly horoscope for Capricorn

December 2011 Capricorn monthly horoscope
This will be a month when Capricornís outlook expands in many areas; romance, career and world knowledge all grow with unprecedented leaps and bounds at this time. The old ways of doing things are no longer acceptable and youíll be ready to tackle life with a whole host of new ideas and concepts. In a like manner, this will be a month in which you gain new experience in many different areas. You will definitely end the month a far wiser, better person than when you began it. Be ready for some major lifestyle changes now.

Travel may well figure prominently on your agenda this month. Either work or pleasure may set your feet to the road now and thatís just fine with you. The status quo has been holding you back for too long and you are ready for a change, even one which may seem a bit inconvenient at the moment. Go into the experience with an open mind and a heart willing to accept new things and you will experience one of the most rewarding months of your life. Save long trips for the second half of the month, however, when the planets point to easier conditions away from home.

You may find yourself drawn to thoughts of past relationships or situations at this time. Thereís a chance you will be feeling somewhat nostalgic for events, places or people who once figured prominently in your life, but who have, over the years, fallen by the wayside. Though this may produce a feeling of melancholy, if youíre able to examine and analyze your behavior at the time, you may find this is a chance for you to learn more about relationships in general and come away a better person for your new knowledge.

If youíre feeling guilty about things you have said or done in the past, this may be the time to seek a means of rebuilding those bridges. Youíll likely find that the person who you have offended is more than willing to let bygones be bygones. It is, after all, in their best interest as well as yours to mend those fences. Remember what drew you to this person in the first place; those qualities remain, though you may have forgotten.

You will want to analyze the world around you during the second half of the month, both the seen and unseen. Youíve always been drawn somewhat to the mystical realm and itís possible that attraction will increase this month. Mystery and mysticism pull at you with equal force. Somethingís happening here and youíre determined to get to the bottom of it.