December 2011 monthly horoscope for Cancer

December 2011 Cancer monthly horoscope
Youíll want to keep your comfortable shoes on throughout the month as itís likely to be filled with travel for Cancer. Small trips or a couple large ones will occupy most of your time, whether for business or pleasure. This is a busy time for you and youíll need to keep your life organized in order to maintain some semblance of efficiency. Keep your overnight bag packed for last minute, surprise journeys. Itíll help you to avoid forgetting small items that you wonít want to be without while away from home.

Whatever deals or agreements you have going this month could likely be handled remotely, either via telephone, fax or through email. Donít hesitate to use the technology available to you to streamline your workload. There may be issues that pop up throughout the month, but again, youíll find youíre able to take care of them through various, non-traveling means. In the end, youíll get more done in less time than you might have previously imagined.

When speaking with others, do your best to avoid controversy, especially during the first two weeks of the month. Any heated arguments you get into are not ones youíre likely to win, even if you are one-hundred percent right. Sometimes, itís better to simply acknowledge that thereís a difference of opinion and go your way. Donít feel you have a point to prove. There is no shame in taking the high road, particularly if youíre dealing with someone who can be particularly obstinate and bull-headed. Why bother getting yourself all upset over the opinion of someone you really donít respect or care for?

On the other hand, if your ďopponentĒ has a point, donít be too proud to admit the veracity of his or her claims. Itís always better to come away wiser than to come away the winner. Itís altogether possible that someone has information you could use at another point in your life, further down the road.

Unless you have no choice, this is not the time to consider moving to a new job or position with another company. Youíll do better by staying where you are, applying yourself to the task at hand, and waiting until the signs are more favorable to a lateral move. Take care of any unfinished business you may have and planóslowly and deliberatelyófor the months ahead. Enter the new year with a clean slate.