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October 2011 monthly horoscope
October shows many people developing a propensity toward committing to noble deeds. These deeds may take the form of great actions or small favors, depending on the situation and individuals involved, but the truth is that there is an altruistic streak running through the universe at this time and many will likely be affected by it. The reasons people have for performing these noble deeds will, again, vary according to the person involved. Some will be performed for selfish or self-serving reasons; a promotion at work or the desire to glean the attention or praise of another person or group of people. Others will act under the desire to draw attention to them for the sake of the attention alone.

In order to avoid this less-than-admirable tendency toward self-aggrandizement, see to it that your every move and action not only makes sense, but is performed out of a genuine desire to do good toward others and demonstrate the very best motives involved in generosity and self-effacement.

There also may be a tendency toward unreasoning fear of the unknown, or of situations in which unknown elements come into play. There is some understandable trepidation toward dealing with unfamiliar situations, of course, but now is not the time to allow yourself to be ruled by your insecurities. Much can be accomplished by moving forward boldly, despite the fact you may find yourself a stranger in a strange land. The inverse of this coin is that some may find themselves putting too much stock in their own abilities and talents. Do not let pride rule the day; donít overestimate the value of your own deeds, actions and achievements. In the universal scheme of things, we are all very small components in a vast, cosmic structure.

Thereís no need to hide your light under a bushel, either, of course. Do take credit for your achievements or remain silent about the things you have genuinely accomplished. However, make sure youíre not exaggerating or giving in to the temptation for empty boasting.

During the first week of October, in particular, it is important to keep an eye on your personal relationships, especially those which involve a loved one. You will need to pay particular attention to keeping your romantic relationship on an even keel. Someone important to you simply needs a little more attention at this time and whatever you can do to provide this will pay off for you in the long run. During this time, youíll find you are more capable than usual at understanding and appreciating the true feelings of your partner.

During the second two weeks of the month you may likely find you are experiencing a renewed resurgence in your personal life, especially with regard to your passion and sexual attraction to members of the opposite sex. Any new relationships you find yourself in during this time will be based largely on physical attraction. If you have your eye set on a long term relationship, chances are this may not be the best time to get that under way, as the physical attraction is great for the short term, but doesnít necessarily make the best foundation for a lifetime commitment. Serious relationships are likely to fail at this time.

The first half of the month also may be given over to communications which are secular in nature. Likewise, this is a good time to work on your social skills, as courtesy and good manners will suddenly become more important to you than they have been in the past. Talks entered into without minding the tenets of social graces will likely end in failure. During the second half of the month, the nature of communication changes and it becomes necessary to focus more on intense debate to get your points across. However, you should avoid aggression and rude behavior throughout the month.

The most successful days: 2, 7, 8, 10, 16

Unfavorable days: 21, 27
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