October 2011 monthly horoscope for Capricorn

October 2011 Capricorn monthly horoscope
Itís not typical for Capricorn to take unnecessary risks, but you may find yourself inclined to do just that this month, especially during the first couple weeks of October. It may seem that someone else is directing your thoughts during this time, your behavior seems so atypical. Thatís OK, thereís nothing wrong with a little risk from time to time, just try to make sure your decision is as informed as possible.

There may be some changes coming to your life soon. Certain aspects of your long term goals are close to reaching fruition and you may be trying to decide whether this is the time to move forward with your plans. This is a tough call for you and one that will require more than a little courage. Itís important to keep in mind that there is nothing in life that is absolutely certain and there never has been. The best you can do is to do your research and make your choices based on the best evidence available. You may find things work out better than you had expected they might.

No matter how much you calculate the parameters of any given problem and no matter how much you calculate the potential consequences in advance, life is still capable of throwing you a curve ball. This frustrates you no end, but thereís virtually nothing you can do about it in the long run. Better to simply try to accept life as it is and move ahead as best you can. There are good things coming your way a bit further up the road.

The first half of the month will see your star shining brightly at work; so much so, in fact, that youófor a while at leastóbecome virtually ďuntouchableĒ even by those in the highest positions. Your immediate superiors see which way the wind is blowing and do what they can to keep out of your way as you work out new and better ways to accomplish the task at hand. Donít take advantage of your position, however, as there will one day come a time when the good will of these people can be a make or break situation. Simply enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Romance finds its way into your busy life during the second half of the month. New plans may develop somewhere along the way that include the possibility of developing a new relationship with someone youíve been trying to get close to for some time now.