October 2011 monthly horoscope for Scorpio

October 2011 Scorpio monthly horoscope
In October, Scorpion will want to keep a close eye on building a career. Itís possible youíve been coasting for a while now, but this is the time to redouble your efforts and make a big impression on those who could make big changes in your work life happen soon. You now have both the strength and the energy to tackle just about any project which comes your way on the work front; donít hesitate to use that to your advantage now. You need to apply your talents in a focused manner in order to achieve the results you have been hoping for.

Now is the time to act in a decisive, bold manner and in many circumstances, to be more assertive than you perhaps have been in recent months. You are a filled with a strong sense of confidence and thereís nothing you canít do if you set your mind to it at this time. Additionally, youíll want to be sure of yourself before you get started on any major project, and then be sure to remain consistent throughout.

The first half of the month may be a bit unsettling for you, but in a good way. Thereís a chance you will find yourself becoming involved in a romantic relationship, one which takes place under mysterious circumstances. Perhaps a long lost love will reemerge into your life in an unexpected way. Or maybe you will meet a stranger and feel a sudden and almost tempestuous connection to him or her. When it comes to romance, this will be a good time to expect the unexpected. Try to go with the flow and simply enjoy the ride.

Everything about romance is not sunshine and roses, however; thereís at least a chance that you will find yourself in some sort of romantic relationship in which your partnerís feelings are more than a little ambiguous. You know what youíre feeling, but someone elseís feelings may be left unstated and misunderstood. Try to coax the truth out onto the table, but donít be surprised if you go away just as confused as when you came in.

Youíll want to concentrate on your personal appearance during the second half of the month. Any changes or improvements you can make to the way you look at this time will go a long way toward creating an environment in which romance can blossom Also, your personal charm will need a little looking after just now; itís possible youíve forgotten how to act around a member of the opposite sex with whom you are trying to make time. Turn up the smileís wattage and you will achieve your goals.