October 2011 monthly horoscope for Virgo

October 2011 Virgo monthly horoscope
October will be a month filled with new and exciting opportunities for the typical Virgo. Activities of all sortsóon the work, family and personal frontówill come at you almost faster than you can handle them. Donít allow yourself to become flustered from all the excitement; just take things one day at a time and enjoy the pleasures each moment brings.

Youíre feeling a strong need at this time to rejuvenate yourself. Do so by taking part in any activity which allows you to come at life with a renewed vitality. Recreational activities bring a welcome chance to sit back, relax and have a momentís introspection. The insights you take away from such times will have long-lasting effects on your overall outlook on life. A little philosophical thought can definitely bring improvements to your day-to-day attitude.

Youíll be wanting to examine past events, and this is all right. Just make sure you donít become bogged down in the negative feelings that may have accompanied some things you experienced in years past. Be honest with yourself about how you feel now. Avoid self-deception in all its myriad permutations and youíll find yourself better able to achieve the success you so strongly hope for in the future.

If youíve been considering a major purchase of some sort; a car or house, for instance, you may want to follow through on that sometime during the first half of the month. This is a good time for you to take care of any financial affairs, in fact, since most decisions you make at this time regarding money will eventually work to your advantage. Your luck with financial transactions right now will astound even you. You may well see an increase in profits or revenue from long term investments, or even short term loans or propositions. Also, you may wind up receiving a gift of some sort, maybe even several.

Youíll find yourself talking extensively to someone close to you during the second half of the month. This conversation will not create tension, however, but alleviate it. Your talk will be mild and pleasant, typical of your overall character. Just make sure you stay true to your ideas and regardless of the consequences, keep your comments honest, loving and without judgment. If you can do these things, you may find youíve made a friend for life.

It is very important during the last half of the month that you keep the lines of communication open at all times.