2011 Horoscope for Taurus Zodiac Sign

2011 Horoscope Taurus

Astrology forecast for 2011, the year of the White Metal Rabbit. 2011 Horoscope for people born under the Taurus Zodiac sign.

The 2011 year of white metal rabbit (hare, cat) is a year of great transformations.

For Taurians, 2011 will be a new life stage, dramatically transforming the inner world of their zodiac sign. Your talent, feelings and personality will have a unique opportunity to fully open up. In this year, Taurians will again become active in communication, make new friends, and will become more open and receptive.

Taurians led a secluded life throughout the previous period. They gathered strength, experience and knowledge. In 2011, quantity will finally turn into quality. Taurians will become more perfect and smarter.

The most successful area of application in 2011 will be in the field of self-fulfillment both as a professional and as a creative personality, and discovery and development of hidden talents. Transformation will affect everything surrounding Taurians, harmonizing the internal and external side of their existence. All their fantasies in 2011 can be realized.

Taurus love 2011 horoscope

Love and marriage will not be the main focus for Taurians. However, single Taurians will live in a great sense of anticipation and this will be their driving force.

The spring of 2010 will see Taurians make a real mess of things. This period is characterized by a strong infatuation and hasty termination of previous relationships. Single Taurians will quickly fall in love and also grow cold quickly having been frightened by the depth of passion. During this period, married Taurians will feel like committing adultery. A Taurus individual should be aware that adultery would surely cause a rupture with his or her spouse. This period may witness hasty marriages for those Taurians who lost their spouse in the past.

In summer of 2011, single Taurians will experience unrequited love. Experienced Taurians will themselves fall in love with someone who will not reciprocate such love. There will be tension in the family caused by spouses who will behave in a very despotic manner.

In late 2011, problems in the romantic life of Taurians will disappear. There will be mutual understanding and constant physical attraction. They may meet someone with whom they will happily live forever.

Taurus career 2011 horoscope

In the area of profession, the year will begin with some event that will compel Taurians to mobilize. Overcoming uncomfortable state of instability, they will be able to do in such a way that that an unpleasant incident will only highlight their competencies. In addition to professional achievements, this will lead to a significant strengthening of self-esteem.

The spring of 2011 will see them shining in their careers. Their smart and fighting spirit will remain at the possible peak. Composure and determination will help them achieve success.

Summer will be a period when they can make a career. All their ventures will be successful. This will largely contribute to high self-esteem. The main thing is not to give way to a famous authority but courageously defend your opinion.

The end of the year will see their winning pace slowed down by routine businesses. In autumn however, business activity, acquired self-confidence and trust in colleagues will help them get rid of the most boring and insignificant projects. Taurians will face operational issues that will have to be solved quickly to avoid creating a new bunch of problems. The end of the year will again please them with interesting and important initiatives.

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