2011 Horoscope for Aquarius Zodiac Sign

2011 Horoscope Aquarius

Astrology forecast for 2011, the year of the White Metal Rabbit. 2011 Horoscope for people born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign.

The year 2011 of the white rabbit (hare, cat) is meant to change Aquarians internally.

For too long, Aquarius were closed to new ideas, being a prisoner of their own egoism. 2011 gives Aquarians a chance to find a new path for their development, get rid of bias and sharpness in judgments in respect of those people who do not share their ideas. For some, these fundamental changes are not acceptable, other Aquarians will simply not be ready in 2011 to meet their destiny, waving off proposed changes. However, incredible prospects await those Aquarians that are ready for change. Starting from 2011, Aquarians will be able to actualize previously failed projects, change their marital status, and acquire new knowledge.

Aquarius love 2011 horoscope

In early 2011, Aquarians will not encounter any obstacles in their interpersonal relations. They will either create or destroy their happiness. In other words, Aquarians will have to make some difficult choices concerning those around them. Love or hate, marry or divorce will be decided by themselves. Such decision will be instrumental in their life for many years.

In spring, situations will be slightly complicated. Now, not only they will determine their emotional and sexual life. Spring is a period of agonizing, resentment and excessive demands from others. The families of some Aquarians against this backdrop may witness painful break ups. However, there will be easy reconciliation.

Aquarians can rest in summer. Although there will still be problems in volatile families. For the rest, love and affection will play a role in their sensual life. Single Aquarians will fall in love and some may even marry. But this requires caution because Aquarians should marry those that are understandable, do not hide anything and has no secret that they cannot or will not tell their beloved.

The end of the year will see Aquarius often not in the best of mood. They should try and take people as they really are instead of criticizing them.

Aquarius career 2011 horoscope

Business interests of Aquarians will go on well. Unemployed Aquarians can find a good way to realize their professional abilities and receive a reward. All others will be able to improve their job, get a work, which will bring both revenue and moral satisfaction.

In spring, Aquarians will actively be engaged in social communication in a professional environment. Aquarians will learn to respect the chain of command, and understand what to do to be praised. At this time, their intellectual capacity will rise.

In summer, Aquarius will very much want to prove that they are strong in professional terms. They will have everything to make sure this desire is fulfilled. They will make hasty decisions sometimes.

At year-end, Aquarians will reap the fruits of their labor. They will be congratulated and rewarded. But they should note that they will be offered a new position with more authority and duties. 2011 will end in great expectations and with the highest impatience to go further and do more.

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