2011 Horoscope for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

2011 Horoscope Sagittarius

Astrology forecast for 2011, the year of the White Metal Rabbit. 2011 Horoscope for people born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

For Sagittarians, the new white rabbit year of 2011 will be a year of success and prosperity, all their dreams and aspirations will come true.

Nevertheless, we all know that "a rolling stone gathers no moss". Therefore, much depends on the actions of Sagittarians in 2011, and perhaps most importantly, is for Sagittarians to gain confidence, have resolution, abandon fear and doubt.

In the white rabbit year (2011 is also called the year of the Hare and even the year of the Cat in accordance with different traditions of the Eastern horoscope), Sagittarians should not hesitate in starting projects they have in mind. Always organized and clearly understanding the ultimate goal, they can achieve incredible results. They can be stopped only by their fear and personal instincts that have for many years saved them. In some cases, they need to make a choice to trust them or believe their luck, and maybe that is the only way out.

One way or the other, they will have many opportunities to prove their viability as an established professional with their own vision and conception of their activities, as a loving family person, and in general as a person capable of playing a role in the destiny of others.

Sagittarius love 2011 horoscope

Sagittarians will live a private life the whole year. In winter, they will have romantic dating. However, divorced Sagittarians should not racket about at this time. He(she) would want to prove to a former spouse of his (her) wealth and to get a new family. Their family will have peace and tranquility.

In spring, unmarried ones will commit exploits in the name of love. Families will experience tense situation in spring. Yes, this is a time a spouse will desperately irritate Sagittarians but arranging a joint trip or other exciting adventures can ease things. In May, their families will see a spectacular bloom in love.

But in summer, their romantic life will not be that unambiguous. Yes, emotions will overwhelm them. Such feelings can be both positive and negative. In favorable circumstances, Sagittarians may have a nice romantic summer. But there may be breakups where relationships have become too complicated.

In autumn, Sagittarians will be madly in love. There will be sudden outbreak of feeling. This is all true not only with bachelors, but also with exemplary couples. They will not miss this chance, which is given once in life, and spend their autumn happily. This secret may certainly cause major family problems.

Sagittarius career 2011 horoscope

In business interests, there will be pleasant surprises right after New Year holidays. Destiny will throw up so many new opportunities. But Sagittarians should not get lost in these circumstances and rather take advantage of them.

They will witness professional growth in spring of 2011. They will have no competition or bureaucratic hurdles and they will have to take risks.

Things will slow down a bit in summer. Initiating new projects will not work, but one still needs to move on with some effort. It will even be worthwhile to rest and gain strength during this period.

In autumn, the rested and now stronger Sagittarians will have their professional success again. During this period, their efforts undertaken in the beginning of the year will start yielding fruits such as unprecedented career growth, or ownership of a strong business.

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