2011 Horoscope for Pisces Zodiac Sign

2011 Horoscope Pisces

Astrology forecast for 2011, the year of the White Metal Rabbit. 2011 Horoscope for people born under the Pisces Zodiac sign.

The planetary aspects that are characteristic of Pisceans in 2011 will seem quite dangerous at first glance, representing an adverse impact on different spheres of life.

However, such ambiguous planetary aspects will give Pisceans the opportunity to get rid of load that is burdening them and accumulated over many years, which will allow them climb much higher in the future.

Pisceans should critically look at their lives. Moreover, they need to analyze not only their own behavior and actions, but also clearly assess their relationship with the people around them.

Situations in 2011 are rather ambiguous and can put Pisceans in a favorable or unfavorable position. Only when Pisceans are fully aware of the true state of things and know how to overcome the situation that they will make a good meaning of their existence in 2011.

Pisces love 2011 horoscope

Things will not be as bad as they might seem in the area of romantic relationships and social life. In early 2011, there will be events that will compel Pisceans to find a way out of difficult situations. Married Pisceans will have the courage for a decisive conversation with partners. Single Pisceans will have many people willing to win their heart, but choosing among them will be difficult for them. They should not rush to final decisions but wait and look for people from their inner circle.

In spring, Pisceans will experience unimaginable passion. This is a time of great love and passionate hatred. The married ones should show more tolerance to partners.

There will be no more negative trends of the previous period in summer. Pisceans should listen and take their partner's feelings seriously. Newcomers must be very careful in choosing a life partners.

Autumn will be a time for marriage. Families created during this time will be healthy and long lasting.

Pisces career 2011 horoscope

In professional terms, the beginning of 2011 will be more favorable, although a desire to force issues can thoroughly spoil the overall picture. One requires to be consistent and careful. Opportunities should be used fully.

In spring, Pisceans will establish themselves in their professional positions. There will be time for decisive action. The spring months are meant for Pisceans to work out a strategy and identify key points. However, if they could not achieve these, then all previous achievements will be under threat. They will have to work hard to determine for themselves the extent of load necessary and sufficient to succeed in business.

In summer, there will be much moments for application of energy. Moreover, Pisceans will be especially creative and be able to offer a surprisingly elegant solution to emerging issues thereby pushing aside potential competitors. At work, Pisceans will be consistent in their actions and will confidently finish anything started.

The business year for Pisceans will end on a good note. At a level professional field, some circumstances may emerge which would help make a breakthrough and reach a new level. It is not advisable to organize something or even try doing so. It is important not to succumb to panic in some circumstances. Everything that will happen at the end of the year will be for the better.

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