September 2011 monthly horoscope for Virgo

September 2011 Virgo monthly horoscope
The planets are lining up in such a way as to suggest that the first half of the month will see Virgos actively interacting and connecting with friends and associates, some of whom may not have been active in your life for some time. This will also be a time when you are focused on making new friendships, perhaps even a romance is in the offing. Your ability to appreciate people for who they are goes a long way toward easing you into new and exciting social interactions now. Itís likely youíll find yourself the center of attention on more than one occasion this month as your popularity climbs like a rocket.

Conversely, youíre going to have a difficult time enlisting the support and assistance of others, some of whom you may be counting on to complete a project or activity. Try not to become frustrated if others donít immediately come around to your way of thinking. For some people, reaching a decision is a time-consuming activity and one which cannot be rushed. Be appreciative of their inability to move forward and carry on as best you can without their help. Eventually, you may find they want to jump back aboard your bandwagon. Whatever you do, donít alienate possible allies simply because they waffle on an important issue.

Your charm is reaching an all time high just now and youíre smart enough to use that to your advantage. Make sure, however, that youíre honest and open in dealing with other people, particularly those closest to you. It only takes one small mistake to lose someoneís trust forever. Better to deal with a little inconvenience now than to find yourself on the outside of a relationship looking in. Itís especially critical that you are honest with those who generally share your points of view. They have come to rely on your clear headed vision of the world and would be put out to find youíve been less than completely honest with them. Donít burn bridges!

This month you may find a long-time friend turning into something more than that. For some reason, friendships may blossom into full-blown romances at this time. If you have a friend who has been in your life for many years, you may find up looking at her or him in a new light this month. And why not? You already know youíre compatible and you know so much about each other. Romance is inevitable.

Make sure and leave plenty of time for some rest and recreation during the second half of the month. A chance to earn additional income also may come your way.