May 2012 monthly horoscope for Sagittarius

May 2012 Sagittarius monthly horoscope
Overview: As a good fire sign, your energy simply doesnít seem to end and this month is no exception, Sagittarius. You will continue with a pattern of high energy, increased strength and even restlessness, moreover since Mars will continue to travel through your sign, enjoying the company Mars and Pluto. Therefore, you should also be careful to control any sense of frustration, anger and nervousness that could be lurking around and make sure you direct your energy to the correct place. All this bubbling energy could produce some scattered thoughts and donít be surprised if you find yourself aching for new activities or new routines and should try to convert this vigor into productivity and assertiveness. The Solar Eclipse on May 20th may create some additional tension and expose the opposing aspects of your life, so make sure you look before you jump and that take time to carefully analyze any underlying conflicts.

Career and Work: May will likely divide into two: on one side, youíll have your work and your professional life demanding time and dedication; on the other, youíll have your family and your romantic life screaming for attention. However, your plans might become more real during this month, but youíll have to create steps and take one things at a time. If you try to rush things (and you do run this risk), youíll likely feel completely overwhelmed and crushed by the responsibilities. Avoid any important decisions at the end of the month, since Mercury may bring some unclear thoughts and misunderstandings.

Finances and Money: money seems to be attracted to you, Sagittarius, and luckily May is no exception. Rewards will flow easily and your work will be recognized by people of interest. However, you should refrain yourself from making any important financial this month, since you wonít have the mental clarity needed. So, although you might feel like jumping, think or seek sound professional advice before you do.

Love and relationships: Divided as you are between your work and your family, youíll realize, during this month, that youíre actually quite fortunate to have these people in your life. However, please make sure that you avoid conflicts, because you will have a tendency to speak your mind very bluntly and due to Mercuryís presence, any misunderstanding could easily be transformed into a full-blown argument. Also, try not to impose your will unto others: nobody likes having a dictator on the house! Direct your energy to fun activities and go out, spend time (and energy) with friends and family and enjoy life!

Health: stay away from accidents particularly falls this month, Archer, since these could result in serious injuries that would take forever to heal. Also and despite your health being generally very strong and sky-high energy levels during the day, you may find that you awake up feeling quite exhausted; instead of stocking up on caffeine to increase your energy levels, why donít you try a brisk walk around the block?