April 2013 Horoscope Taurus

April 2013 Horoscope Taurus

April 2013 Monthly Horoscope for Taurus

You have very specific ideas of where your career is going Taurus and this is the year when others will contribute to that success. Hard-nosed Saturn will contribute to your stubbornness and you will feel that your close allies have deserted you. They are not being negative to hurt you but rather to help you look to things in a better life or with more perspective.

As you work secretly or behind the scenes in April 2013, Taurus, smile secretly to yourself when people question you about what you are doing and what your motives are. You have four planets in Aries working though your 12th house of secrecy and you are taking risks that you hope will pay off. No one knows what risks you are taking, though so be careful that they are not dangerous.

On April 12th you will be very cautious about your new project. You are very unsure and uncertainty is clouding your judgment. Mercury will glide into Aries on the 13th and you may go ahead with your plans. Just jump in if you are brave enough!

On April 15th through the 19th you will find that you have an increase in energy. This energy is almost manic and is very unusual for you. You are usually like the Bull, show and plodding. Do slow down during these days whenever possible, Taurus. You do not want to be burned out. On the 22nd of April 2013 as well as the 25th and 28th.you will have a great stupor of thought about what you have done. Criticism is driving you crazy and making you doubt what you thought was a good relationship. Look to your inner self to decide what to do. You have been in this spot many times before and you have come out hurting.

April 2th through the 8th plan a great date with your relationship partner. Leave all distractions at home and make it just about her/him. You have awesome fantasies, but they may never come to pass since Neptune forcefully provides stressful squares with Venus and Mars on the 6th of April 2013. This passing will cause all your plans to go awry. Maybe it is for the best.

April 16th and 15th tricks you into thinking that more of a good thing will only be better if you ask for more. Careful! Your enthusiasm can turn a great moment into a frustrating one if you over do and bring quantity over quality.

The 21st through the 24th of April 2013 will bring a roller coaster of love. So far this month has had its ups and downs and a good part of it is in your own mind. Do you jump in? Do you stay on the shore? Around April 21st you will find that your natural stubbornness forces a sword between you and someone you care about. Your inability to express and give of yourself is your downfall. You may think you are open and communicative, but you quickly close up and become withdrawn. You have run the gauntlet of courtship, now it is time to just let things take their course. Not a wise situation! Again, you have been here before and failed. Fortunately on the 24th of April you feel that you have learned your lesson and an old relationship will be revitalized. You might, even find a new way to communicate!

An intense Scorpio will cause drama in close relationship on April 25th. You feel as if you have come to the end of a long road. There are aspects, however from rational Mercury and reckless Mars that reveal a high path if you choose to take it. Leave your old ways behind and be forgiving. You said that you could forgive but not forget. Now is the time to do both or on April 28th you will have a final judgment. Don't hold on to the past.

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