April 2013 Horoscope Virgo

April 2013 Horoscope Virgo

April 2013 Monthly Horoscope for Virgo

Virgo, start April 2013 with a huge surge of energy and progress. However by the middle of the month things start to calm down and you will be able to keep your enthusiasm while seeking new way to work on projects, widen your horizons and deepen your relationships with friends and coworkers.

On April 6th through the 3th you are particularly creative when Mars and Venus and the Sun work together to be very poetic and a bit romantic. Your normally quiet and conservative approach to any type of change is going to be at war with Aries in your house of transformation. Look around and if you can, change quickly without thinking about it.

The Aries new moon on April 10th gives you more romantic inclinations and you now desire to embrace the future than staying the same. Keep working, again, toward changing. You are feeling particularly uncomfortable with the urge to change and on April 12th you will become stubborn and refuse to budge. Fortunately Mercury runs in to Aries on the 13th and will you will find a new perspective to handle what is going on around you.

The 15th of April 2013 Venus enters your house of higher thoughts. You begin to be very interested in activities that make your think and broaden your view of what is going on around you. Current affairs are a big part of what you are challenged with and you will find every avenue to read and learn more about what is going on in the world.

When the Sun enters highly dependable Taurus you will reinforce your pragmatic approach to change and growth. On the 22nd of April 2013 and the 28th you will slow down your changes and progress substantially. You will need to work harder than ever to just keep going. The full moon on April 25th is also a Lunar Eclipse. You will need to stop multitasking the end of April 2013 and focus on one idea at a time.

April 1st is your high day. You are energetic and believe you can accomplish everything you set out to do today. You are having a great deal of good fortune today, but it is your great attitude that is creating your good times.

April 9th through the 13th add a sense of depth to everything you do. You will need to find the proper facts to support your point of view when doing presentations. Tension is building and the Aries New Moon in your house of intimacy prompts you to reveals things that you have never told anyone before. You feel almost vulnerable without your secrets.

On the 20th and 23th of April 2013 you will fell that you need to express yourself even if it hurts feelings. Deep sharing is the house you are living during this time. On April 22nd you will find that there is harsh judgment from a friend who is usually very supportive of everything you do. A cooperative Mercury-Jupiter sextile on the 23rd will help you find the right words to say to regain trust and earn respect.

April 25th through the 28th keeps your life a bit in an uproar. Everything is unpredictable. The Sun, Venus and Mars work through plodding Taurus, Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on the 25th and this will infuse you with a feeling of instability.

You will be encouraged by what you see around you toward the end of April 2013. Do be careful of tying to circumvent what is written for you. Remember April 2013 is a bit chaotic, change is in the air, and you need to flow quietly though the month.

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