Libra Horoscope for December 2013

December 2013 Horoscope Libra

Monthly Horoscope for Libra for December 2013

Monthly December 2013 Horoscope for Libra
Monthly December 2013 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Libra

With respect to the zodiac sign of Libra, December 2013 will shape up quite well, at least in terms of personal relationships. However, in the sphere of work, entrepreneurship and business, the month may have some negative issues in store, the quick solution of which will allow avoiding many serious problems in the future. Otherwise, ignored or delayed solution of these issues may lead to some serious and large-magnitude problems in this given direction in the future. The reason for it will be Mars, and to some extent, the Sun. The red soldier in charge of the "expulsion" of the sign of Libra, in December will focus all of its negative impulses precisely to the area of entrepreneurship, so in the coming period, Libra should not wait to get off with just some "simple" problems. The matter is complicated by the fact that the Sun is responsible for the "fall" of Libra, and will fully support Mars. Certainly, some of its negative influence, the Celestial King will lose due to the current position on the celestial band. Moreover, the celestial leader of Libra, Uranus, will not stay on the sidelines.

Nevertheless, in December 2013, the work sphere specifically is what will be the most problematic for the sign of Libra. However, honestly, large-scale adverse events are not foreseen. Though, positive forces may become evident with the competent approach to solving actual problems. Remember that although you do not lack allies among the celestial bodies, however, their energy will be focused entirely on other levels of your life. So concentrate and try to make every effort to optimize the production process, it is this direction that your increased activity will be dependent on. Do not pay any attention to colleagues, business partners, management and competitors. That is, pay attention to them of course, but in a casual mode. If you work for yourself, then as a separate foal identify operational solution of problems that must have long been solved, but you just didn't get around to it yet. This must be done before the New Moon (December 13th), otherwise, you might not be able to cope with the resulting "avalanche". So get optimized and concentrate on the more important aspects of your operations. As a result, at a competent and a tactically right approach, not only will you minimize the damage from potential conflicts, but also raise your production to a new level.

As for the love life, due to the extremely positive effect by your planet-ruler Venus, December 2013 will certainly not be plagued by any problems, significant or not. And if you consider the positive emanations of Saturn, your exalt, then we can say for sure that your relationship with your passion will take the exact turn that you wanted. And all of your wishes will definitely come true. With that, by the way, if you currently do not have that coveted "second half" it means that in December, you are sure to meet them. Just do not have banal questions like "how will I know it's her"! Do not worry, you will definitely know. And she will know it is you. At least, stars indicate a high probability of such an event happening. The rest, of course, is up to you. After all, the planets are not in charge of teaching you how to treat women (men) and are not responsible for the traits of your character. They are just doing their job - leading you towards your destiny.

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