Scorpio Horoscope for December 2013

December 2013 Horoscope Scorpio

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio for December 2013

Monthly December 2013 Horoscope for Scorpio
Monthly December 2013 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Scorpio

For the zodiacal sign of Scorpio, the central sign of the Water trigon, December 2013 will truly be a great time. And, of course, in large part the Scorpios will owe their state of affairs to the "classical positioning" of the planets. In the first place, it should be noted that Mars, a planet-ruler of the zodiac sign of Scorpio, and a violent celestial warrior will have an extremely beneficial effect on any project that Scorpios will decide to implement. In this case, the final success is also guaranteed by Saturn's position, a planet exalt of Scorpio, which in this month will significantly enlarge its positive force due to some common combinations with other celestial bodies of the solar system. At the same time, we should not forget about the planets that in their common conditions have only negative emanations towards Scorpios. For example, Venus is responsible for the "expulsion" of the zodiac sign of Scorpio and does not miss a chance to annoy those born in this sign in terms of "love life". However, much of the negativity of Venus will be dissipated by its own energy. About the same thing will happen to the Moon, which was in charge of the "fall" of Scorpio.

Thus, in terms of business in December 2013, there is only one celestial body that can hurt the sign of Scorpio. This is the Moon. Accounting for several general celestial combinations, it will severely reduce the amount of negative energy directed to Earth. Nevertheless, some amount of negative emanations of this planet will remain active. The result of this will be small and completely insignificant squabbles in the workplace. As you can see, any serious problems should definitely not arise, thus you can calmly work and enjoy life. Together with that, for full neutralization of potential danger, you can take an extra-long look at your colleagues or business partners, and surprisingly help one of them. Either way, the main thing to approaching problems - use the element of surprise and be effective, though do look at the situation. This is especially true for those who hold a management position. By the way, now is the time to try to implement something really strong and meaningful. Do not hesitate, feel free to take the most unusual and complex projects, the starts will certainly not leave you alone with your challenges!

In the area of personal relationships, everything will develop even better. Although, December in its own astral projection of a water element is not a very positive time for building strong relationships that would have family potential. In other words, if you are already married then you do not have to worry - there will not be a single argument this month, Venus will not be able to make anything happen. Those who are in search for their "other half" are recommended by the stars to slow down in intensity. No, you of course can continue to meet other people, have many positive experiences, but do not expect anything long lasting or reliable from these adventures. Most likely, all of your December passions will stay in December, but... who knows! As a separate notion, we can distinguish relationships with friends. This month, in view of the provisions of Uranus and the Black Moon, there is some possibility that you may lose understanding with your best friends (the closest ones). However, the situation should be corrected easily. Just sit down, and as they say, speak from the heart. All doubts and illusory differences will suddenly dissipate, and their place will be taken by kindness, sincerity, and openness.

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