Virgo Horoscope for July 2013

July 2013 Horoscope Virgo

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo for July 2013

Monthly July 2013 Horoscope for Virgo
Monthly July 2013 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Virgo

For the sign of Virgo, July 2013, will be a very lucky month, especially in the entrepreneurial area. The thing is that the celestial patron of trade, Mars will gift Virgo with a triple blessing. Mars will fill Virgo with positive energy, firstly as the "celestial ruler" of this sign, and secondly as the planted exalted in this sign, and thirdly due to its inverse transition towards the end of the month. Thus, Mercury will be positioned in this sign throughout the entire month, which will bring extra positivity for the Virgo. And, here Neptune, the one responsible for the "exile" of the Virgo, cannot count on any kind of negative impact, because his energy will be completely blocked. Especially, taking into consideration that the Sun will be favoring Virgo, as many of the other zodiac signs. However, from the other side, Venus will also strengthen her influence over the representatives of this sign, but this influence will be exclusively a negative one. The goddess of love appears from one side as the planet responsible for the "fall" of Virgo, and from the other side it will have an extremely negative influence on all of the zodiac signs during the month of July, and it can seriously harm Virgo's love life.

However, when it comes to the business aspect, Virgo will not experience even a drop of negativity during the month of July. The exceptionally convenient position of Mercury and the strengthened active and creative energy of the Sun, advise the representatives of this sign that now is the right time to make a strong move forward. The result of this breakthrough may bring some significant increase in your business's profits, as a result of moving the production to a higher quality level. If you are not the entrepreneur, and you work for some commercial business, you can rest assured that during July 2013, new horizons will be open for you. Obviously, what these horizons are bringing is the achievement of a new position, much more significant than the one you used to have before. Simply keep walking forward, keep suggesting new innovative solutions to the current problems, to your superiors and colleagues, take on new projects one after another, and bravely execute them in accordance with your strategy. During this period everything will be working in your favor. And, of course, the result of your activities will not take long to make its appearance, and towards the end of the month you will clearly see where your work has brought you to. Trust me; what you will get to see will instill such self confidence in you that no kind of obstacles will be able to slow you down. However, you shouldn't let things follow its own course; you should personally watch over the production process, do not loosen your grip even for a second, as if things were not going that well. And then the success is guaranteed for you.

When it comes to the personal life of Virgo, this sign should not count on a similar outcome. Doubled, the negativity from Venus as well as the negativity from the Dark Moon will bring you some problems. Your close ones, who used to understand you very well in the past and who tried to support you in everything, will suddenly forget about you, and will entirely dedicate themselves to satisfying only their own needs. But, the reason for such behavior will be partially lying in you, so don't rush into blaming the entire world, if your home turns into a small replica of hell. Get yourself together and slowly and methodically look for an approach towards each of those who are close to your heart. Your diplomatic mastery along with your attentiveness and your concentration are fully capable of allowing you to develop relationships with those who surround you. And if you do everything correctly, towards the end of the month, everything will come back to normal in your family life.

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