March 2013 Horoscope Gemini

March 2013 Horoscope Gemini

March 2013 Monthly Horoscope for Gemini

Gemini your top priority during March is getting back on solid ground and addressing our personal and professional responsibilities. Take care of old projects so you can jump into new and exciting experiences. On March 9th you will have Saturn and Pluto connecting to your house of employment. This will be a huge relief for you! You will also be able to share and focus on companions during March.

On March 11th you will have great creative ideas in your professional life. You may want to take on tasks that you really can't do on this day. Beware of saying "Yes" to just anything.

You love to spend time with friends and your group shares your enthusiasm. You will need to take over a position with the group that will bring in more recognition. As Mars moves into your house of pioneering on the 12th of March continue looking for fulfillment in your professional life. You will find it soon. The 20th marks the Spring Equinox and this will give you more enthusiasm for what you love. Try not to head into dangerous waters with tour partner; you will regret it.

The end of March sees you behaving quite fatherly or motherly. You will take your children to sports events and enthuse them with your love of the game. Take care that you do not get pulled into coaching or referring. That would be fun but dangerous.

March 4th has Mercury moving out of the Sun and this can deepen personal insight or give you dreams that will cause you to lose reality. You may have great business ideas but it best to keep mulling them over before trying to actually form them. Awareness is just for you. Try not to tell other people what you are planning. They will burst your bubble.

On March 6th through the 9th there is an opening for opportunities'. You may want to patch up wounded relationships and reestablish peace. Creative concepts are beginning to open for your and will take you into the 7th with dreamy ideas. Your pipe dreams will go away but ideas you are enthusiastic about will gain support. Mercury's square to Jupiter in Gemini on the 9th gives you temptation to say more than you should. You might not want to overinflate a claim. Great month, for opportunities, though.

March 17th is a time when Mercury stops moving backward in hour house of career and starts moving upward again. The Moon in Gemini increase sensitivity to shift in the atmosphere and will motivate you to take a more proactive approach to job hunting. Advancing interests might be slow, but will pick up speed.

March 22nd finds you feeling rebellious and wanting conflict where no conflict exists. Mars and Uranus conjunction while rattling your house of groups and friendships. Find positive ways to break out of your routine and this will help reduce stress.

On March 28th don't hold back if what you want to say is harmonious with the Universe. You will have credibility to your words and those around you will trust you. You can broach delicate subjects with your partner and be very sensitive about what you say. Try to deliver an important message with tact and caring.

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