March 2013 Horoscope Scorpio

March 2013 Horoscope Scorpio

March 2013 Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio

The first part of March 2013 is the perfect time to make sure all your goals and plans are set in stone. Well, maybe soft stone. There are aspects of Saturn moving into Scorpio or your house of objectivity that makes you focus your attention on serious matters. You have many planets (6) aligned in your house of fun during the first part of March Scorpio and this will be a very confusing time for you. On March 8th Pluto will move away from the Sun and you will be able to communicate with friends and family with conviction and intelligence Libra.

On the 11th of March you will find the Pisces New Moon unleashing your romantic and childlike personality. You are feeling very joyful on this day. Push though new emotions Scorpio and review your strategies and reconsider your options. Forward progress is just around the corner when Mercury turns direct on March 17th. The Sun will enter into Aries and your house of details. On March 20th you will find the spring equinox is another reminder to get organized and coordinated.

March 20th is the traditional time of new beginnings and until the 29th of March you will keep experiencing change. Some will be very good and some will be not so good. Saturn and Pluto will remind you on the 24th that you need to use extreme measures to get what you want and go where you want to go.

March 1st you need to pay attention to who you are. Your creative imagination is grounded in common sense and this will give you the ability to dream up solutions to problems and turn these solutions into a viable success story.

March 7th and 8th are days when you reconnect with your deepest desires. You will always speak what you feel and it will cause those around you to be highly trusting of you. You will be able to turn on the charm as you approach a difficult subject. You will not cause harm or bad feelings, but get your point across. Speak up while people are listening on the 8th of March.

Happy days are here again! On March 11th and 12th you are the life of the party. It is so unusual for you to let your hair down this far! Those around you are amazing and fall in love with you all over again. You are very confident of yourself when Mars enters Aries on the 12th. This presence in your house of self-improvement motivates you to make good changes.

On March 22nd hold on to your hat! Explosive Mars and Uranus conjunction in your house of daily routine will mess everything up. The seeds of change have been sown and shifting quickly. You don't have time to develop a strategy or a defense. Just jump into the center of the change and react on a visceral level. Follow your instincts and hold on for the ride.

March 27th is a day on the edge. You will be very gushing and it will be difficult to keep up with everything. There is an anxious aspect between expressive Mars and constrictive Saturn on the 25th and this will bring more frustration into your life. You don't know if you should retreat or push forward. Intense emotions might just burst into conflict with someone else when Mars squares with Pluto on the 26th. Restore balance the best way you can. May self-hypnosis?

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