Taurus Horoscope for March 2013

March 2013 Horoscope Taurus

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus for March 2013

Monthly March 2013 Horoscope for Taurus
Monthly March 2013 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Taurus

March Taurus has many positive aspects that will bring smooth sailing through the entire month. On the 11th of March you might feel as if you are losing traction since Mercury is retrograding away from your house. Yet this is a great time to visualize your goals and dreams and to take stock of whom and what you are. As several planets cluster in Pisces you will have the feeling that you need to take stock of your long term goals and actually visualize and write them down. You will be successful if you are organized and uncluttered. On the 8th of March you will feel full of inexhaustible energy and this will carry on all month This enthusiasm and energy will carry you through the entire month and you will able to keep positive attitudes and change with the times.

If you feel your forward momentum building you can know that Mars is entering enterprising Aries on the 12th of March. Mercury will directly tuna on the 17th and your energy to get things done will explode. On the 20th through the 21st you will have electrifying conjunctions to be force you to be irresistible and find a new way to regain what you have lost. It will be hard to stay on course since you do not understand what is happening to you. You are generally plodding and not thinking enthusiastic and energetic. Heave handed Pluto on March 3rd will help you establish a more emotional stability.

Even when things are going your way, Taurus there is still room for trouble. Stay focused and calm; be collected. Persistence will pay off in dividends.

On the 4th through the 6th of March you will love everything about your career. Things are great and going your way and you are receiving the accolades you have so longed for. On March 6th, however as Mercury retrogrades across the sun, you might want to rethink you decisions. Reevaluate who are friends and who are lovers. Confusion is in your mind and your thoughts can be somewhat chaotic. You are able to retain these thoughts throughout the month.

March 9th through the 11th brings great confidence into your life. You must be very meticulous and organized in your communications with friends. You will find that there are details that you need to bring out and not gloss over. If you do not take care of the little statements, there will be misunderstandings. There may be a change of strategies in your life on how you need to interact with those around you. Be very careful since your tendency toward fuzzy thinking in love situations could mislead you and others. Daydream if you will, but understand the difference between reality and fantasy.

Starting over on the 20th through the 23 of March means beginning anew at the Spring Equinox. This is marked by the Sun moving into Aries and your house of soul consciousness. Venus follows the Sun on the 21st and attracts you to a new spiritual thinking. You don't know where these thoughts came from but you must go with the flow. Intuition will bring you a flash of awareness on the 22nd. If you are not paying attention to what' important you will have an uncomfortable aspect happen to you and you partner.

On the 25th until the end of the month your top priority should be to balance any contradictory influences. You may be frustrated with change and adjustments you need to make in a relationship on the 25th. You will not resolve the issue. You may need to learn to live with it. You will overact to eve situation on the 26th. There is a power struggle going on in your life and you do not like it. On the 27th, however your life will be brightened by clarity of thinking. You will create a new routine and you can live up to your good intentions.

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