Libra Horoscope for May 2013

May 2013 Horoscope Libra

Monthly Horoscope for Libra for May 2013

Monthly May 2013 Horoscope for Libra
Monthly May 2013 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Libra

In May 2013, the zodiac sign Libra, will find itself in a complicated situation as it will get to experience some quite powerful and miscellaneous influence from a combination of several celestial bodies. Saturn, exalted in Libra, will significantly strengthen its valuable impact by using the unique position of the Moon, especially in the first two weeks of this month. At the same time, Venus, the future celestial ruler of the Libra sign, will practically double its positive energy, since the transition of this planet from the Taurus sign to the Gemini sign has been traditionally considered an extremely favorable phenomenon. On the other hand, the negative effusion of the Sun will be significantly multiplied, which firstly is responsible for the "fall" of the Libra sign, and secondly it appears as the direct enemy of the Moon. For the same reason, the celestial influence will strengthen the incoming negative energy of Mars. The red planet usually doesn't have very good influence on the Libra sign, as it is responsible for the "exile" of this sign. During May the negativity of this celestial body will increase many times, due to the fact that Mars is the direct enemy of Venus, which will be helping Libra. What should the ones born in this sign, expect from the not so simple combination of the planets? Let's take a careful look at the situation.

Negative effusions will prevail in the business relationships of the Libra, during the month of May, since the total impact of the Sun and Mars will significantly overcome the positive influence coming from Saturn and Venus, even more so, since Saturn will be the only one who will completely focus on this aspect of the life of the Libra. Consequently, the occurrence of complex situations is something totally natural, and whose outcome may have some serious consequences both in magnitude and nature. The ones born in the Libra sign should work very hard, in order to avoid possible problems. During the first half, Libras need to focus all of their attention on already existent projects, and under no circumstances should they accept new ones. It may be because (your attention is scattered on reaching the goals of several projects) your superiors will ask all things to be done in order. It is better to enter into an argument with your superiors, rather than take on a new project. However, the negative behavior of your superior will not last for long, but if you take on a new project it can easily become and unexpected layoff.

Not everything will be so critical in the personal life of the Libras; nevertheless some negative situations will make themselves known. As it was aforementioned, Venus will pay double attention to this aspect of the life of the Libra, only in a positive way. Yet, do not rely completely on the power of the goddess; because she will not be able to withstand the pair composed by the Sun and Mars. This means that in order to reach harmony in their home, Libra need to draw on some of their personal resources. Focus on the relationship with one or two of your closest ones. You can pay less attention to the rest, after all you cannot please everyone, and you will only waste your time and effort in vain. Their aggression towards you will be unfounded, and around the third week of May they will admit all of their mistakes and they will practically beg you for forgiveness on their knees. However, the ones who truly do not like you will not leave behind their attempts to cause you harm. So, be very careful when you chose who to forgive. Certainly, Venus will try to show you the right way, but the majority of the choice will be left upon you.

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