Aries Horoscope for November 2013

November 2013 Horoscope Aries

Monthly Horoscope for Aries for November 2013

Monthly November 2013 Horoscope for Aries
Monthly November 2013 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aries

The position of Aries on the celestial belt, in November 2013, can be characterized as sufficiently balanced. The thing is that Mars, the celestial ruler of the Aries sign, due to the peculiarities of its current position on the stellar map can guarantee double protection for the ones born under this zodiac sign, concentrating to a higher degree on the aspect of personal relationships. At the same time, a strengthened influence over the Aries sign will have Venus, the one responsible for the "exile" of this zodiac sign, and Saturn, the one responsible for its "fall." As a result, the multi-directional vectors of influence of these three planets will be compensated and won't show basically any impact on the Aries sign. True, there are two more moments left, the first of which relates to the Moon, the planet exalted in Aries. After all, the extremely beneficial, although not very strong influence of this planet will be felt from the first days of the first quarter of the month. At the same time, from the middle of the second quarter of the month, Saturn will achieve a special status, he will rightfully take on the role of a "celestial leader" of the Fire trine, and as a result instead of the expected positivity based on the positions of the nearby celestial bodies may completely turn its back on its Earthly protege.

As a result, during November 2013, Aries in can count on very ambiguous developments in terms of the work aspect. Here, the situation will vary greatly depending on the specific areas of work, that is, all will depend on whether you work for yourself or for another person. If you have your own business, then Saturn will most likely not favor you, and on the contrary, he will demonstrate some of the negative characteristics of his difficult character. This means that you must be prepared for the appearance of a series of problems, which, although they will not be of such a large scale that can develop into a real disaster, but they can definitely spoil your mood. The reason for the emergence of these problems will lie in your competitors. Basically, the story is quite logical and easily solved. If you are not working for yourself, then you will not have any serious conflicts with Saturn, so you shouldn't even doubt the stability of this direction.

In regards to Aries's love life, the situation will be a little more complicated. There are several possible scenarios. The first option is the most negative one. This option may become your present, if at the beginning of the first quarter of the month you are not able to quickly and clearly prevent the emergence of large-scale conflicts with your other half. Anything can be the basis for this conflict, it is impossible to find out the true reason for it. However, you should have no doubt that this conflict will not wait for long before it makes its appearance. The result of your incompetent actions will be - arguments, tantrums and many other problems, which you will not be able to solve by the end of the month. The second scenario is somewhat more positive. With this option, when you are faced with a problem, during the first days of the month, solve it immediately, peacefully and democratically. The result - some problems with your other half towards the end of the month, but overall things will be quite stable. The third option is the most positive one. This option suggests that from the beginning of November you should tell your other half that you do not want to continue your relationship. Yes, the stars believe that this is the most optimal option, as its execution will lead to the emergence of another person in your life, someone much more suitable for you. However, you must not forget that the celestial signs do not provide you with clear guidance, but only general hints.

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