Horoscope for November 2013

2013 November Horoscope

Free November 2013 monthly Horoscope

Monthly November 2013 Horoscope
Monthly November 2013 Horoscope

The final month of fall 2013, November will be a stable time for almost all of the zodiac signs. However, the biggest amount of positivity will be completely received only by certain signs - the signs of the cardinal cross. This is due to the dynamics of the movement of the celestial bodies, which in winter always activates its reflexive movement. In the classical aspect of these celestial "energy titans", such as the Sun and Mars will be very favorably disposed towards all inhabitants of the Earth, with no exceptions. Thus, if the celestial King directs his mighty energy towards the aspect of personal relationships, then the red Knight will help people in the business aspect. By the way, one other celestial body will concentrate its attention on the entrepreneurial aspect, which has a lot more experience in this area than all the other planets in our solar system combined. This celestial body is of course, Mercury, the celestial patron of any trade initiatives and business agreements. Separately, we can mention the Moon, which will also be quite favorable in November, but in view of some individual combinations the influence of different signs may be due to some other vectors. But in this respect the situation will develop highly individual for each sign of the zodiac.

At the same time we shouldn't forget about the ability of the celestial bodies to "take under their wing" different trines for a certain amount of time (usually a month), so the zodiac signs that fall into these trines, are provided with additional support. The strongest "celestial leader" in November 2013 will be the Fire trine. These Zodiac signs of the Fire element will be highly favored by Saturn, the mighty protector of the river of time. Most likely, due to this phenomenon the representatives of the Fire trine to a certain degree will work out various financial transactions that require a certain percentage of luck. On the other hand, many positive moments during this month will be determined by competent and tactical actions, accomplished by the representatives of different zodiac signs in the past. As for the Water trine, the signs of this trine, in November, can rightfully claim as their "celestial leader" our only light. The Sun will indeed be predisposed towards these signs to a higher degree, which certainly guarantees them a special protection in all aspects of their lives. The same situation will develop with the Air trine, which will be helped this month by Venus, the planet, which will remain extremely cold towards many zodiac signs, transferring its "mood" from the previous time period. During November 2013, the Earth trine will not have a "celestial leader," which, of course, is not a very positive factor. However, we must not forget that the "celestial leaders" are not able to fully replace nor the celestial rulers, or the planets that are exalted in the zodiac signs; these planets bring an additional protection.

When it comes to the negative aspects of the current months, it is necessary to mention few of the celestial bodies. Firstly, there is Saturn, which will evenly distribute its negative impulses between all aspects of the lives of the inhabitants of the Earth. Venus on the other hand, will focus its effusions only on one particular aspect - the aspect of personal relationships. While, Uranus with its dark wing will affect the business aspect. However, in this case (in regards to Venus and Uranus) it is necessary to take into consideration each individual combination of each trine and cross, which can give more details about the actual influence of the unknown planets.

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