Taurus Horoscope for October 2013

October 2013 Horoscope Taurus

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus for October 2013

Monthly October 2013 Horoscope for Taurus
Monthly October 2013 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Taurus

Taurus, the leading sign of the Earth trine, in October 2013, can have no doubt that in the next thirty days the stars guarantee him relative peace and the absence of any significant problems. Of course, this does not mean that everything will go according to plan. There will be some difficult situations, there will be some technical problems in production, and there will be some fights in the family. All of this is clearly predicted to the Taurus sign by Venus, which regardless of her status as the celestial ruler of this zodiac sign, will take a highly negligent stance when it comes to the fulfillment of her duties. It is obvious that the reason for this phenomenon consists in the overall stellar combination, caused by the extremely negative position of Venus and a very positive location of the Moon and the Sun. The Moon, which appears as the "celestial leader" of the Taurus sign, will focus its attention on the work aspect and it will help its Earthly protege in almost everything. At the same time, the celestial Kings will try to protect Taurus's love life from malicious attacks coming from Pluto, the one responsible for the "exile" of this zodiac sign, and Saturn, the one responsible for the "fall" of the Taurus sign.

Thus, Taurus's working environment, in October 2013, will be characterized by a stable, but somewhat vague position. The one responsible for this will be Venus, which will try to show the highest amount of negativity in this area of Taurus's life. This negativity will be shown quite clearly, especially in terms of your relationships with your colleagues and your superiors. In the middle of the first quarter of the month, it may seem that the entire world is clearly against you, your initiatives will not be supported by anyone, regardless of their apparent logic, your actions will not be approved by anyone, despite the fact that they fully comply with the current situation. However, take a closer look at the problem: the reason for this attitude towards you is the absence of full information, which you possess. Yes, explaining "everything to everyone" - is a long and ungrateful process, so just forget about it. Focus on your work, as there is only one appropriate way to show others your case - to prove it with actions, and not words. When your project turns out to be better, many will realize how much they have been wrong, and then you will receive your well-deserved laurels.

As for Taurus's personal relationships, in October 2013, Pluto and Saturn will decide to closely engage with the Taurus sign. Firstly, their negativity will make its appearance Taurus's relationship with the family. It is very likely that you will not be able to reach a full understanding until the last quarter of the month. Sad but true. At the same time, this doesn't mean that every day you have to live through cascades of constant arguments and fights. Everything will develop quite well, just in some fundamental moments there is the possibility of some (perhaps a fair amount) misunderstandings, which will be expressed in the form of lack of support. In other words, your family will not always help you in your endeavors. But this doesn't mean that you will fail to complete your endeavors. The only thing is that the time of their execution will take a little longer than needed. On the other hand, your relationship with your other half and all of your friends will develop just fine! For this you should say a special thank you to the Sun, the one exalted in the Taurus sign. The Sun will provide you with everything you need - energy, wisdom and care. As a result, you will not only quickly and efficiently solve all your problems, but you will also be able to help your friends. However, when it comes to your other half is worth noting that in October, you can await for an unexpected surprise. A very positive surprise, which can change many things in your life. So get ready.

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