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2013 September Horoscope

Free September 2013 monthly Horoscope

Monthly September 2013 Horoscope
Monthly September 2013 Horoscope

The first month of fall 2013 will become an extremely active period for both the stars, and the people. Accumulated for a short time, the astral energy in the bright summer will invariably require the output and you can stay assured that each zodiac sign will be able to find the direction in which the implementation of this energy will be the most effective. In general, September can be characterized as a time of exceptional activity in regards to all aspects of human activity. Thus, all of the celestial bodies in the solar system will also greatly strengthen their effusions - both positive and negative. In regards to the starts the most notable will be Venus, Mars and Uranus. This month the goddess of love will experience an attack of this altruism and will decide to help everyone without discrimination. Unfortunately, Venus's position will not be very favorable for all of the zodiac signs. And for some of the zodiac signs, Venus's unrestrained power will bring more trouble than joy. This will be the same case with Mars. And even though in the upcoming struggle the red planet will become a great ally for many signs (mostly - in the business aspect), it will still react with a certain disdain towards some of the Zodiac signs. Uranus also will not be as active; however it will equally distribute its positive influence. Most likely the majority of the Zodiac will only receive a bonus from this planet.

However, apart from the most common aspects in September 2013, we can also point out some stellar combination that will work only on certain trines and crosses. Firstly, we will talk, of course, about the "celestial leaders". It is important to mention that only one trine will not have a lot of luck - the Water trine, since in September this trine will not have an additional patron. As for the rest of the signs, the ones that will benefit the most will be the signs of the Fire trine, during this period Mars will play the role of their "celestial leader". Yes, the same Mars which in September will have an increased, and to a greater degree, a positive influence on the inhabitants of the Earth. Certainly, there is an extra plus, since Mars is knowingly associated with the Fire trine, and the red planet truly has a very close relationship with this trine. The Air trine will not be as strong, but that will not affect the assertiveness of its "celestial leader" - Neptune. For the signs of the Earth trine, in September, an additional patron will become the Moon, which will bring to these zodiac signs special bonuses in the form of relative stability, although there will be some exceptions.

As for the negative aspects of the upcoming period, especially among the fiercest opponents of the human race, that is, planets, which are not publicly advocating for our well-being, can be identified, perhaps, only Saturn and the Sun. Thus Mercury has decided to continue the line selected in the previous period, meaning that will not help the people in the various finance aspects. Although after a more specific analysis it can be easily said that some of the signs will be awarded with a special relationship. The greatest negative impact coming from the Lord of time, Saturn will experience the signs of the Mutable Cross. While on the other hand the Sun, will focus its negative and passive energy on the cardinal cross. Here it is pretty difficult to determine which life aspect of any of the zodiac signs, Saturn and the Sun will elect as their purpose. In each case, their influence will be distributed in different ways. In general, each trine will get enough influence.

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