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2014 August Horoscope

Free August 2014 monthly Horoscope

Monthly August 2014 Horoscope
Monthly August 2014 Horoscope

August 2014 will be a time of harsh trials for many Houses of the zodiac, not all of which will be passed through successfully. Sadly, but the last summer month will be truly complicated in many respects. However, you should not immediately reject this given forecast. It is more logical to see it as a warning and prepare yourself so that you meet the trials with honor and defeat the fateful enemies with minimal losses. With that, no matter how bad August seems from the view of is space-energy component, there are those celestial bodies on the celestial band that will not leave humans behind. The Sun, the great king of our planetary system, will give his energy for the better of all of us, and while the overall astral negativity will have unmeasurably greater magnitude, there is a possibility that the solar emanations will come of some help. Apart from the Sun, the Black Moon will grant Earth some positive impulses as well. However, if you consider the overall structure of this astral body, then it is hard to say whether the Black Moon will be a good ally. This is overall everything there is to say, only two energetic bodies of the Solar System will be on your side in August.

Nevertheless, the "celestial leaders" will be seen quite clearly. While every trigon will receive an additional protector, it should be noted that each protector will fulfill his duties only nominally. However, during the current time period even a small help is a big one and in some moments can be a decisive influence in the life of this or that House. The Fire trigon will receive Venus. You should not expect anything grand from the priestess of love, as most of her energy will just expel the poison of chaos and destruction. However, she may grant some positivity to those that are ready to let go of what is most dear to them for the sake of their feelings. The Water trigon may brag of a "celestial leader" that is a little stronger, but much more fleeting. The Moon will patronize the Water signs, but the maximum effort that you can expect from it is a slight, barely worthy advice, expressed more so in the form of an intuitive draft. Undoubtedly, it will be hard to notice such an advice. The Air trigon will receive patronage in the form of Saturn. The Ruler of Time, busy with fishing out the worst moments of each person's past, will likely lack enough positive energy to focus on the trigon. The Earth trigon will be under Mars's special attention, which most likely will be expressed in periodic emotional outbursts (not always objective and adequate ones).

On the general negative background of August, you can definitely point out the planets to which Earth owns most of the negativity it will receive. These are Uranus, Neptune and Jupiter. Practically all celestial objects, in one way or another, will bring in problems into our lives (except of course the Sun), though these three will be the most aggressive ones. Their total negativity will not have a limit and nobody will be able to escape it. The only thing that anyone can count on during this period is their own inner strength of will and their inner undying flame, one that allows us to remain human even in the most ambiguous situations, where the understanding of good and evil achieve the maximum level of conventionality.

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