Scorpio Horoscope for February 2014

February 2014 Horoscope Scorpio

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio for February 2014

Monthly February 2014 Horoscope for Scorpio
Monthly February 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Scorpio

The zodiac sign of Scorpio, the sign in which the Water element lives through a moment of an apotheosis of its active energy, in January 2014 will on one side encounter harmonious and stable life, but on the other prepare for the forthcoming events that may turn into serious problems. The thing is that Mars, as the "planet-ruler" of Scorpio will do everything to protect its earthly protege from the external dangers of any type. With that, the position of Saturn, the planet-exalt of Scorpio, will be significantly strengthened due to the general stellar combinations. This will lead to the strengthening of all of the Scorpio's positions. At the same time, the negativity of the Moon responsible for the "fall" of the Scorpio will also be significantly empowered. The Moon will meet an ally in the form of Venus, responsible for the "expulsion" of the Scorpio, and while the location of the latter will be true in respect to all classical canons, the total energy of the Moon-Venus duo will be so powerful that even the "celestial leader" of Scorpio - Mercury, will be unable to withstand such a powerful alliance.

Undoubtedly, in relation to work, the actual position of the celestial bodies of the Solar System threatens significant problems to the Scorpio for February 2014. Together with that, as said above, Scorpios still have good chances for stability. The thing is that most of the problems will appear prior to the First Moon Quarter (February 6th), with maybe maximum two extra days. It is during this period that you should activate all of your inner reserves so that you do not let problems get out of hand. If during the first ten days you will be able to manage all of the suddenly arising complications, then the rest of the month you can sleep calmly. If you will not be able to handle everything with speed and precision, then no energy will be able to help you after, as you will not be able to overcome any conflicts until the end of the month. For everything to go your way, you will need to apply a lot of work to yourself and those surrounding you during the first 8-10 days. Carefully observe the behaviour of your colleagues and business partners, try to guess the actions of your opponent and do not give them any chance to blame you for anything or get ahead of you. Do everything in your power to prevent that to happen. If you will succeed, then the unspent energy of your exalt will go towards progressing you forward, not fighting with circumstances.

On the love front, everything will be less complicated, so such effectiveness as demanded from you in the work sphere will not be required. Here, the problems will reach you methodically and sequentially for the duration of the first two ten day periods of the month. To fight them you will have to do the same, fight methodically and sequentially. First, realize the fact that you are not all-powerful, and you will not be able to help each and single one of those closest to you. Spreading your energy thin will lead to you being unable to help anyone, and you yourself will be left one-on-one with an enemy, overcoming which you will no longer have the strength to. Since the beginning of time, define priority directions for yourself on which you will be capable to spend a lion's share of strength. Then, gradually head towards solving the top priority issues. You will need all of your diplomatic skill for this. Do not serve every wish of those around you, but carefully screen through the issues, and try to solve the most important ones. With this approach you will be able to help somebody and also keep the energy to solve your own problems too. It is important not to forget about yourself, since if you will drown in problems then you will not be able to help anyone for sure.

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