Scorpio Horoscope for November 2014

November 2014 Horoscope Scorpio

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio for November 2014

Monthly November 2014 Horoscope for Scorpio
Monthly November 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Scorpio

The zodiac House of Scorpio, where the energy of the Water element lives through its climax, will meet the final month of fall in an excellent spirit. November 2014 will turn towards the Scorpio with a smile and everything will be a success at first. However, with time, the positive energy flows will grow weaker and the representatives of this zodiac constellation, which get used to powerful celestial support very fast, may finally relax their positions. The fault will be strictly on the careless and honestly disorderly behaviour of the Scorpios themselves. As a result, everything will turn out to be much worse than it could have. However, there is another option where the Scorpios will see victory at the end. Victory mostly over themselves. Saturn, the planet-exalt of the House of Scorpio, will provide his earthly protege with a lot of energy, and will also remind him about some past events, which might help the Scorpio surpass the most dangerous moments. Mars, the planet-ruler of this House, will fill the hearts and souls of the Scorpios with enough perseverance and bravery, while also correcting some events towards a more positive conclusion. The combined power of Venus - responsible for the "expulsion" of Scorpio and the Moon - responsible for his "fall" will not be on the side of this sign. Nevertheless, not a single upcoming situation can be described as hopeless.

In terms of the sphere of business and entrepreneurship, November 2014 will be an unusual time for the Scorpios. On one side, you will meet success everywhere. Your current projects will conclude even faster than you hoped, while new ones will promise you far greater profits than you hoped for. This is positive, as you must agree. Despite the fact that towards the end of the month the positive influence of the stars will weaken, you still have great chances to maintain the pact of work you have defined at the beginning of the period. You just have to be attentive to yourself and to those around you. Do not let your colleagues be negligent towards their jobs; this can bring serious problems upon you. You should also always remember about such things as safety, optimization management, a competent human resource policy... We forget many things while in the work routine (especially if we are successful at everything). However, when circumstances lower the speed of the positive dynamic, it becomes apparent that there are many problems. These problems should be resolved when they appear, so that their sum amount would not exceed revenues in the future. Never forget about the fundamental principles of business, even while at the top of your plans.

On the love front, however, just theory will not be sufficient. It is quite likely that everything will be okay, but you will not have satisfaction from what is occurring. Venus and the Moon (with them also the Black Moon) will try to leave you without a spark of life's adventure, which gives birth in every person to new obsessive wishes and dreams that change not only the person themselves, but also the world around them. Without this spark, even the most successful life does not bring pleasure and only eats a person inside. So collect yourself and give yourself a promise that will never let sloth, melancholy, depression, or sickness to dictate their rules. Your will is the main motivator behind your life. Act, even if the final destination is not yet clear. Help your close ones; do not leave your friends in harm. In your relationships with your lover, define everything once and for all.

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