Scorpio Horoscope for September 2014

September 2014 Horoscope Scorpio

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio for September 2014

Monthly September 2014 Horoscope for Scorpio
Monthly September 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Scorpio

Scorpio, the zodiac sign in which the Water element reaches its highest point of development, will have sufficient patronage from two planets in September 2014. Both of these planets are part of the "purple triangle", the most positive planetary structure energetically speaking in this period. The first of these planets is Venus, which in its usual position is responsible for the "expulsion" of the House of Scorpio. However, during the forecasted period Venus will help the Scorpio and protect it from celestial negativity. The second planet is the Moon, usually responsible for the "fall" of the Scorpio, which will focus its waves of active creative energy on the representatives of this zodiacal constellation. As a result, the emanations of the Moon will fall into a resonance with the energy of Saturn, which is the planet-exalt of the House of Scorpio. Only Mars, the planet-ruler of Scorpio, will betray his usual dispositions and will choose to focus its negativity on the members of this House. However, it is unlikely that the influence of the red planet will be either truly big or destructive. It will most likely manifest in occasional and small portions of not fully positive circumstances, which with a background of such powerful allies will most likely not matter.

Nevertheless, in the area of entrepreneurship and business the Scorpio will have enough to focus its attention on during September 2014. All in all, September will be a productive period, it will gift you with many unexpected bonuses and coveted victories. However, there will be a few situations, which will deny the main tendencies of the period and an incorrect decision in each one of them may build a base for a whole array of further problems. Most likely these problems will only appear at the end of the third ten-day period and will just get stronger. Those who only live by the day will most likely not get frightened. Yet the person who thinks about his future and the future of his relatives will just have to something about it. The first important nuance are the relationships within the collective at your place of work. Even if you do not consider yourself part of that group, pay close attention. A coup-d'etat, even in the most miniscule form, will reflect negatively on production. The second nuance is you yourself. Pay attention to how you conduct your business lately. Perhaps you are wrong in something? Think about it.

The "love front" will be on your side as much as it is possible in September 2014. It is unlikely that you will find a situation where you will have something to regret, or even one wish of yours will remain unrealized. Of course, everything within reasonable limits. Here is a small, but an extremely important danger of the upcoming period. Because of such positive circumstances befalling you, you might cross the line and do (say) something you should not have. This will not be anything big. Yet the problem is that this "nothing big" will give a start to a sequence of events that you will not be able to stop. This is first; second, as a result of these events you will lose everything that you cherish. No matter how tough this sounds, but this is the necessary payment that the stars will take from those who cannot control their desires. Therefore, pay very close attention to yourself. By the way, September will be an ideal time for self-observing. So, as everything will fall into its rightful place with your friends and close ones, you will have plentiful time to examine your internal world.

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Misha 2014-09-13 21:40:03
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Hey! You are all correct, Scorpios get a bad rap!
But, we have to tuff it out. Really! We are so passionate and strong. No matter what we will prevail! Just remember that. The most Passionate Sign will Prevail !!!
Scorpios are Fabulous, The Best! Tell Yourself and your Beautiful Scorpio Face Every Day!
For gosh sakes look at what we can do!
STING! Very Well...
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A.Marie 2014-09-02 00:09:45
↑ +4 ↓
Well dang. I was hoping for good news. My heart has already been broken this year. Haven't I suffered enough? LOL. Good luck fellow Scorpios!
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Maha 2014-09-01 08:58:42
↑ +2 ↓
always telling only bad things, not able to understand , do all scorpians have only bad time in their lifetime
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chaudary muhammad ali 2014-08-29 08:14:03
↑ -1 ↓
i am a businessman i am a scorpio born on november 3 1987 although i have taken all of my responsibilities in a correct manner with no lose strings since 2012 specially in 2013 to the mid of 2014 a project of mine is still not getting sold i am running out of money i have made that project with honesty and hardwork and i just dont know what i did wrong? because i did nothing wrong why is this happening to me after fully realising my responsibilities and handleing them in the right way every month of 2014 is slow and another hell of a month can you please tell when will i get out of this nonsense? and get paid for a job well done?  :)
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