Taurus Horoscope for December 2016

December 2016 Horoscope Taurus

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus for December 2016

Monthly December 2016 Horoscope for Taurus
Monthly December 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Taurus

The representatives of the zodiac sign Taurus in December of 2016 might find themselves in a winning situation on all fronts. The truth is that no one will guarantee you this outcome, however, you will certainly have everything you need to make it happen, that's a fact. Firstly, the unique position of your key stellar patrons should be noted. Venus, your ruler planet, and the Moon, the planet-exaltation of your sign, will be repeatedly strengthened by their planetary positions and combinations with other celestial bodies of the Solar System. But you will have to act based on the situation because there'll be too many individual aspects to consider. You should also be ready to work in a team, as you won't be able to pull everything off single-handedly; there'll be such a powerful positive energy flow that you will literally feel like sharing your happiness with your loved ones. Despite its "positivity", December in general will be characterized by a decrease in energy dynamics; this will be true for all zodiac signs. For some, to a greater extent, for others, to a lesser extent. In any case, there is a real need to adapt, but in moderation; you don't need to bend over under the circumstances, you can become their harmonious part, just like a chameleon.

In the working direction in December of 2016, you might come across some reshuffling; it won't be very serious metamorphoses, however, you will still have to get used to them. You will fully get used to the new circumstances once the new year approaches; now, on the other hand, it's important to understand the precursors of these changes and the most likely consequences. This understanding will help you reach the right conclusions and take action consistent with these findings. If you work for yourself, you shouldn't put too much pressure on your subordinates (if there are any), because in any case you won't have time to accomplish all your plans before the end of the year; something will have to be moved to a later date in the future. But we are not talking about any specific key points; this is more about logical outcomes and a global picture. If you come to realize it, you will be able to avoid a lot of mistakes in the future. In general, in December you have a real opportunity to get good financial "bonuses". If you don't work for yourself, do your best to openly "impress" your leadership as this is the perfect timing for it. You should also start thinking about setting up your own business; the stars imply that there's a specific pattern suggesting that you are to successfully implement your powerful and creative ideas.

As far as the "love life" is concerned, in December of 2016 representatives of the sign Taurus might find themselves in a situation when they act faster than they think. Actions speak louder than words, don't they? This is a kind of "side effect" of the powerful influence of Venus. You shouldn't get worried on this account, as these finicky situations won't result in anything big. What you really need to pay attention to is your relationship with your "significant other". Stop and think for a moment (maybe for two) how happy you are together; maybe it's time to radically change the situation. This is not an open call for action, this is an indication that it's time to reflect on what's going on and go from there. The ideal next move will be to talk to your "sweetheart" one on one about what bothers both of you. As usually happens in such situations, listening to your friend won't lead you anywhere. Because if you reach the wrong conclusion, you should be the one to take the blame, not anyone else. And even if your "old good friend" will give you the right piece of advice, you will still be seen as a weakling, because you should be the one who should solve this sort of things, not your friends.

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