Taurus Horoscope for February 2016

February 2016 Horoscope Taurus

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus for February 2016

Monthly February 2016 Horoscope for Taurus
Monthly February 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Taurus

The zodiac sign Taurus in February of 2016 will face a number of tricky situations, each of which, if dealt with "alone", would not represent the slightest danger, but if addressed as a whole, all these problems and dilemmas are quite capable of destroying someone's life, turning your dreams and hopes to ashes. But do not worry, this is a critical option only if you lounge on the couch for thirty days, consuming pizza and aimlessly "flicking through" TV channels. Such behavior will be favored by Pluto, your main antagonist in the upcoming stage of life. Pluto is usually responsible for the "expulsion" of your zodiac sign, and now its negative emanations will be highly strengthened by the general stellar position of this planet. At the same time, Jupiter, a "heavenly leader' of your trine, will be on your side, as well as the moon, your exaltation, numerously reinforced by some astronomical combinations. The second front line will be occupied by Venus and partially by Saturn, which will be choosing between the warring parties throughout the whole month, unable to pick the side that largely meets its actual mood. So as you see, you will have strong, in fact, really strong allies in February, so there is no use getting upset even for a moment because of the fact that Pluto is now as dangerous as Maleficent.

In terms of work, February of 2016 for Taurus will be, frankly speaking, a difficult time, but, as mentioned above, you are in control and able to overcome anything; just don't underestimate your own power. You will hardly see the rise of your profits this month, and the dynamics of your own business won't be as powerful. But throughout the entire month, you will be able to quite steadily and fastidiously lie the foundation for, let's say, better times. So this time, which in terms of energy isn't beneficial for your dynamic progress, can be used as a break to accumulate forces and resources. It will be easier for those who aren't self-employed; they will have nothing to worry about this month. The dynamics of the company you work for will fall considerably, but if you are not in charge, no one will blame you; on the contrary, you won't have to work as much as before and your salary will remain the same. But those whose range of responsibilities extends far beyond their single desk will have to "take the blame" for all. And there's no way to explain to your bosses that no matter how hard you try now, you can't get the intended result. You'll have to act smarter, how exactly, time will tell. Get ready to take efficient and tactical decisions, unambiguous and uncompromising.

In terms of feelings, things will turn out much more positively. February of 2016, despite a fairly strong and negative impact of some of the heavenly bodies of the solar system, will be quite favorable for the zodiac Taurus regarding their "love life." Your significant other will be entirely devoted to you, and any problem you will have will quickly be solved together. The list of your friends will grow larger, and with quite unexpected personas, but that should not surprise you. Accept help gratefully, but be prepared to help in return. Don't fixate on what will happen tomorrow; February 2016 is not the best time for predicting relationships. Live and feel your life here and now. This month will be a great time to "restore harmony"; get tuned to some gentle sensual ways and provide your family with a peaceful, warm and tranquil existence. Everything will turn out well by itself; just remember to follow your instinctive urge.

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