Aries Horoscope for July 2016

July 2016 Horoscope Aries

Monthly Horoscope for Aries for July 2016

Monthly July 2016 Horoscope for Aries
Monthly July 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aries

The zodiac sign Aries, which opens the celestial zodiac cycle in July of 2016, will find itself in a difficult situation. The thing is that the middle of the second decade of the month will become a turning point for the representatives of this sign, literally in every aspect of their life. If up to this point your life has been dominated by the trends presented during the last month or even the month before last, by the end of the second decade everything will radically change. It is hard to tell what kind of change it will be, but most likely it'll be for the better. Fortunately, your exaltation, the Sun, will also play the role of your "heavenly leader" this month. This means that you'll have enough vital energy at your disposal to overcome any adversity, and the rest, as they say, will be a matter of technique. Saturn, responsible for the "fall" of the sign Aries, will be your key antagonist throughout the whole month. It won't care about any of the metamorphoses taking place in your life, and regardless of the decade the influence of this evil and suddenly vindictive planet will not be the weakest one. So be cautious in regard to all areas of your life. Do not lose your vigilance, even when you are among your friends, and especially if you're at a corporate party or formal meeting.

In the working sphere, the zodiac sign Aries in June of 2016 may feel somewhat insecure, especially during the first decade and until the middle of the second one. But take it easy, this is just a temporary condition, which by no means should throw you off balance. If you break down and show weakness, your opponents will immediately notice it and you will be in a difficult situation. If you think you don't have any blatant or powerful enemies, then ... you should urgently do something about your naivete! Also, do not forget that the middle of the month will bring radical changes that could result in a real revolution. So if you disagree with something, then perhaps it'll be fair to express your opinion as it is, without embellishment. Rely on your colleagues, as now their support will be more important than your being right or wrong. As they say, a true friend will stay by your side even when you're in the wrong, and when you are moving in a one hundred percent right direction, everyone will stick with you. Give it some thought and try to enhance your work capacity to the maximum by the end of the second decade. But be careful; do not require the same skills from others, although it will be good if your example shows them the fallacy of their own position.

Your "love life" in July of 2016 will hardly surprise you in any way. By the middle of the month the key astronomical influences being exerted on your zodiac sign will form a fairly strong, positive vector, which will result in a radical change in your perception of the world. Perhaps everything will go rather smoothly, without fundamental discoveries, loud sighs and fatal confessions. Be especially considerate in relation to your "significant other." Watch your words in the literal sense of this phrase. You are unlikely to offend anyone, but your words might have a strong impact on someone you love, and, alas, this impact will be far from positive. Someone, perhaps, will receive an incentive, an implicit proof of loyalty to their own views and beliefs, which could objectively lead to the most tragic finale. Pay special attention not only to your own children, but also to all your nephews and nieces. Shower them with your care and attention; show them that any issue tends to have several angles and points of view. At the same time, do not forget about yourself. Do not rush to radically change your personality, but if you feel the need for at least some alterations, surely proceed in the required direction.

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