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2016 May Horoscope

Free May 2016 monthly Horoscope

Monthly May 2016 Horoscope
Monthly May 2016 Horoscope

The end of the spring of 2016 will be quite bright, full of events and most importantly fruitful for all zodiac signs without exception. However, in May we will have to face a number of challenging situations that by no means will be brought about by the stellar combinations of celestial objects, although, of course, we shouldn't lose sight of this aspect either. The position of Mars is noteworthy, which will, to put it mildly, completely refuse to help the inhabitants of the earth in any way and it will strike particularly hard those zodiac signs for which the red warrior serves either as a planet-ruler or exaltation. Apart from Mars, the role of another key antagonist of the human race at the current stage will be assigned to Pluto. This is far from startling because this planet is, so to say, notorious for providing us with negative fluids for the large part of its annual cycle. But in general, the overall energy levels of the upcoming phase will be largely positive, for neither Mars nor Pluto will have a crucial influence on our lives. In fact, all their influence, considering you keep a close eye on things, will be able to trigger only petty domestic quarrels. That is why in May, when your hormones are kind of neutralized and your brain has already gained its momentum and you're entirely ready to function to the full after a winter sleep, it's logical for you to try to achieve as much as possible.

Besides, it's worth taking into account that in May of 2016 you'll be able to find not only enemies but also your patrons among the celestial objects of the solar system. And they will hardly be "weaklings"! The Sun, Venus and Saturn will be in this list. In this regard, the lord of the vault of the heaven quite naturally will take a leading position and its influence will be evenly spread over all spheres of our life; it will empower us with the freedom of action by concentrating on shielding away any external negative forces. Venus (again, naturally) will focus on our personal life and will try to solve all the difficulties, though not for us, but with us. It is highly essential to realize that there won't be "free passes" laying around. In its turn Saturn, the lord of the rivers of time, will largely protect the male population of our small planet, although the gender difference of its influence in itself will be minimal. It's fair to admit that men will now receive more valuable "bonuses", but it doesn't imply that they'll gain more in the long run. It is vital to grasp the fine line where the astronomical support ends and it is time for you to act on your own, because inaction, as well as any active action hardly ever leads to the best results.

The fire trine in May of 2016 can count on additional support from the Sun, the current "heavenly leader" of the zodiac signs of this element. People born under the zodiac signs of the water element, alas, will have to operate without this external support, but it will hardly affect them negatively, given the fact that the general energy levels of the current stage will be highly positive. The earth trine will have the Moon as its "heavenly leader", which is not typical of this element, so the objective benefits will be minimal. In its turn Uranus will take care of the signs of the air element; it won't be as strong as its other "colleagues" but it will definitely be better than nothing. As a result, most of the zodiac signs will enjoy third-party support, which is unlikely to be decisive at least for some, but it will clearly be able to tip the scale in your favor at certain moments, when only a couple of steps separate you from the victory.

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