October 2016 horoscope for Capricorn

October 2016 Capricorn monthly horoscope
For the zodiac sign Capricorn, October of 2016 can be a quite bright and successful life cycle, although, of course, you will have to make allowances for the fact that Saturn, which traditionally serves as a planet-ruler of this sign, for some reason will decide that its services and assistance are no longer needed. In reality this wonít be the most negative point, and yet it clearly shows that Capricorns shouldnít try to jump over their head. On the other hand, the positive emanations of Mars, the exaltation planet of this sign, will be reinforced due to its planetary status. At the same time the Moon, which is responsible for the "expulsion" of Capricorns, and Jupiter, which is in charge of their "fall", will clash in an uncompromising battle, because this month the Moon will decide to help Capricorns at whatever cost. It is difficult to say who will be the winner here, but one thing is clear: you have to pay most of your attention to your home affairs, with your working area taking second place. At the same time, you should realize that the stars give you only general recommendations, and after all you need to use your own ďbrainsĒ when dealing with controversial issues.

One way or another, but the dynamics of the working area in relation to the sign Capricorn will be seriously reduced in October of 2016. In fact, it wonít result in any exceptional situations which should be pinpointed separately. But itís still worth being especially cautious, especially for those Capricorns who work for a powerful boss. In this case, there may be some distortions and inconsistencies arising from the fact that you will not be able to equally focus on your own projects and tasks that come from the outside. It is unlikely that it will bring you a lot of discomfort, especially when you consider that Capricorn is the type of the zodiac sign that can easily keep silent and be patient whenever itís needed and as long as itís necessary to achieve the set goal. Under no circumstances should you think about changing your job; now is not the best time for this. But you will definitely receive a valuable and in many ways unique experience that, most likely, will come in handy in the future. If you work for yourself, this month will naturally seem much calmer than it will be in reality, in the sense that the majority of the really important and potentially dangerous situations will escape you and remain on the sidelines. Thus, your personal intervention will simply make no sense and will be excessive.

In your "love life", as has been said earlier, the situation will drastically change. In October of 2016 Scorpios stand a real chance of meeting, as it is commonly called, your "true love", "the only one" and "your soul mate." But there will be two nuances. Firstly, it will be true about the Capricorns whose age exceeds 30 years. And secondly, it's not necessarily going to happen right now, maybe we are talking about some sort of forerunner, a potentially possible event that will establish itself in the middle of the fall. At the same time, you shouldnít force the issue; instead, you need to try to stabilize the situation in your family circle. It is here where a negatively-tuned Saturn will focus its negative emanations. Most likely, you might find yourself in the situation where you and your loved ones will simply cease to understand each other. Perhaps this issue will pass you by, then you will need to leave things the way they are. In the sense that you donít need to play the role of the "red cross" by trying to get to the bottom of the situation and resolve it, when no one asks you to. You will only stay in other peopleís way and deprive them of a chance to let off steam. Of course, itís much better when they do something like that in the gym, but in any case everyone needs to get rid of their negative fluids rather than accumulate and bottle them up.


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