Taurus Horoscope for October 2016

October 2016 Horoscope Taurus

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus for October 2016

Monthly October 2016 Horoscope for Taurus
Monthly October 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Taurus

Taurus, the leading sign of the earth trine, in October of 2016 can count on the full support of its traditional exaltation, the Moon. During this stage, the younger sister of the lord of heaven will be repeatedly strengthened due to its planetary status, which means that Taurus will feel like a fish in the water. The only thing that might somehow spoil the situation is the position of Saturn, responsible for the "fall" of your sign. Standing alone, the lord of the heavenly rivers of time is unlikely to be able to disrupt the harmony of the current stage, because Venus, the ruler of the zodiac sign Taurus, will naturally block the way. But now, Saturn will be supported by Pluto, not an exceptionally strong planet, but astrology is not a science in which a minus times a minus gives a plus. As a result, you need to be especially wary of the sphere of your personal relationships, as well as pay attention to your health. Throughout this stage, these two points will be tightly crossed, and although you're unlikely to come across some fundamental problems, some dilemmas may still occur and, therefore, it would be foolish to ignore them. At least, you should not shut yourself down from everyone; on the contrary, it is vital, as they say, to turn your face to the world and absorb all the information available in it.

In terms of the financial sector, the first half of October of 2016 will seem particularly successful for Taurus. In reality, things will go the way you want: you will be able to quickly enough "deal with" your current tasks and reap the "fruits" of your work, so that your finances will not suffer losses. But the main thing here is not to move with the momentum, because the second half of the month will be fundamentally different from the first one. How, exactly, is an individual question, and each case will have its own particular interpretation. But the general point is undoubtedly marked, and that point is that you will receive a lot of information, very different and diverse. The entire world would seem to make it its goal to "load" you "in full." There will be nothing wrong with that, though because you're not used to such access to information, it might seem overwhelming to process. Especially if you don't work for yourself, because then you'll have to somehow mobilize your forces and cooperate with your colleagues, because you won't be able to "pull it off" single-handedly. However, if you work for yourself, you can, as they say, sleep in peace (provided you paid your taxes, of course). Everything new that you will have to learn, either directly or indirectly, will touch your key aspirations during this stage. So, no doubt, everything will work to the "advantage" to your business.

But in the "love life", in October of 2016 people born under the sign Taurus will have to use all their skills and mastery. What is it we are talking about? Of course, about the natural obstinacy of Taurus and their unique ability to literally "get out" of any situation. Of course, everyone has their own methods, so situations will seriously differ. One thing is clear: under no circumstances should you slow down upon seeing an obstacle. On the contrary, accelerate yourself even more and move with your head forward in your typical manner (ah, again, these stereotypes!). Now it is logical to replace your sincerity with fierce pressure for a while, only this way you will achieve the desired results. It is hard to tell how unexpected the situation you face will be, but one thing will surely be related to one of your close friends and the other one, to your family. In both cases, the delay will clearly be detrimental for you and your plans, so you should be particularly "dynamic", although you should not forget that in reality rushing is never the best tool to deal with the issue.

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Seeta 2016-10-12 06:35:28
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Your interpretation is 85% accurate for me. Thanks for the tips and guidelines for this months, I had a insightful negative feeling somethings will not go well this month end. I am going to do my homework:-)
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