Taurus Horoscope for September 2016

September 2016 Horoscope Taurus

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus for September 2016

Monthly September 2016 Horoscope for Taurus
Monthly September 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Taurus

For the zodiac sign Taurus the first month of autumn may seem a rather difficult time. In reality, this will be the true state of things: for many representatives of this sign September will be a very difficult stage of life, which is rightly described as controversial and mostly negative. The fact is that the planet-ruler of Taurus, Venus, in the view of its current planetary position will not be able to serve as a leading ally of this zodiac sign. In its turn Pluto, which is in charge of the "expulsion" of Taurus, will greatly enhance its negative emanation, and it will appear a rather strong blow which will cover all the areas of your life. At the same time Saturn, which is responsible for the "fall" of Taurus, will change the modality of its emanations and this will bring you some hope. Your hope will flare up more strongly when you realize that the Moon, the exaltation of your sign, will, so to speak, stay true to itself. As a result, everything will turn out not as bad as it could have, although this will be an incredibly intense and stressful time for you. It is difficult to be more precise, because in each case the situation may have its own peculiarities. In general, a lot will now depend on your personal actions at the previous stage of life, and if at the end of the summer you acted "right", then you'll actually have nothing to fear.

In the working direction in September of 2016 for the zodiac sign Taurus, things will be as follows: if you work for yourself, you will have to try really hard to finally close the deal that you've been working on for a very long time. That is, on the one hand, you will finally be presented with the opportunity you have long been striving and seeking for. On the other hand, this is not the best time for business and everything can actually be derailed at the very last moment. This means that you need to stay as cool as a cucumber and under no circumstances give in to momentary passions. You should concentrate on what you need and what's really important, and you shouldn't let your opponents and competitors manipulate you; avoid listening to people you do not know well. If you don't work yourself, then the situation will take a radical turn. In this scenario, you shouldn't rely solely on your own capacity, because you definitely won't be able to cope with a bulk of problems single-handedly, especially if you "screwed things up" in the previous month. So you need to be open to other people's help and stick your pride ... away into the closet; still, don't lose your vigilance!

In the "love life" in September of 2016 a lot of curious moments will be awaiting Taurus, especially when it comes to those who are lucky enough to have a "life partner". For you, the first month of autumn will show your relationship in an unexpected light, with this being said, not necessarily a negative one. Just unexpected, and you'd better be ready for it, especially if you have some "hidden secrets" that your soulmate is unaware of. Remember that sooner or later all secrets will become known. You should focus on your current desires, but at the same time you shouldn't forget about the past. Saturn "will cover your back," but you also need to "put your hands to work". To cut a long story short, you should be doubly careful while discussing "juicy" topics with your friends and family. In other situations, you are free to choose any strategy that looks pleasing to you. But remember that the more active you are, the more productively all your relationship will develop. It will be a bright and dynamic time, despite the clearly pronounced negativity. So you need to keep moving, to come up with original "fun events" and not to leave your friends alone for a minute.

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