April 2017 horoscope for Capricorn

April 2017 Capricorn monthly horoscope
For people born under the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, April 2017 will seem to be quite a peaceful time, although in reality we are dealing with a period which, according to its energetic and eventful dynamic is unlikely to cede to any other stage of the current annual cycle. Nevertheless, the combined positive influence of Mars and the Moon will create conditions under which Capricorn will really be comfortable. Critical situations will give you a wide berth, and challenges will be easily overcome. That is, you essentially wonít notice any of the problems which usually would have had prominence in a certain period of your life. This particular second month of spring could be a month of rest for you. Many will now gather their strength, focusing to a large degree on future prospects. But you could also get a lot done in April! You must at least adjust for the fact that for your sign (as for many others) this will be quite an original time. In particular, in the work sphere you must act without haste, but confidently. And on the ďromantic frontĒ it makes sense to take an active stance, so to speak. Such a position implies the highest level of alertness, but it wonít allow you to take action if the actions are not triggered by anything. In general, this will all be quite new for Capricorn. Just donít be formulaic in your thinking, donít play by anyone elseís rules, otherwise the negative influence of Jupiter could intensify, and then youíre in for serious problems.

When it comes to the work sphere, in April 2017 it would make sense for Capricorn to pay attention to the fact that the ten-day periods of this month will differ significantly from each other, both with respect to productivity and with respect to their content. For example, the first ten-day period will give you the opportunity to quickly and clearly deal with a problem which has given you no respite for a long time. Follow the old but incredibly wise saying: strike the iron while itís hot. If there is such an opportunity Ė help your colleagues, and rest assured that your support will be well worth it. At the same time, donít forget about yourself either. You should put the main emphasis on once-off bonuses, that is, you should postpone the implementation of projects directed towards the future until a later stage. The second ten-day period of the month will enable you to bring to life something truly ambitious. What could this be? Anything at all! In this regard the situation depends on your personal plans and wishes, so be attentive, since not using such a chance would be inexcusable. If you work for yourself, the most important time for you will be the third ten-day period of the month. At this time you must focus clearly on work, despite the fact that no difficulties are foreseen. You must literally force yourself to work, giving it your all Ė this is the best course of action, donít you doubt it. Just donít allow others to influence your decisions, as the negative influence of Jupiter, although itís not particularly strong, has the potential to be incredibly destructive now, and it wonít allow you to perceive advice from the outside objectively, so be careful.

In April 2017 the ďromantic frontĒ could be extremely fickle, the dynamics could flow from a state of absolute calm to breakneck developments, but for you all of this needs to take place somewhere in the background. Pull yourself together and, right in the first ten-day period of the month, decide clearly what your plans are. No, you need not expect any trials Ė as already mentioned, difficulties will be overcome easily and practically without any effort. But itís a sin not to utilize the potential of this stage. Focus on the person who you consider the most important to you. Assess their position objectively, and if you decide that you must help them Ė act. Then move on to loved ones and your best friends. In general, altruism will be the prevalent way of behaving. You can, of course, act otherwise, but you want to squeeze out of April everything you can, donít you? Of course, for Capricorns such a policy could be somewhat new, but it will be all the more interesting as a result. Your feelings and emotions will be sharpened, you will be able to do the right things, making objective decisions. And this is good, because many single Capricorns will have a chance this month to meet their love. Just donít be fooled by a colorful shell Ė know that this is the work of Jupiter, who will be trying with all his strength to hurt you. Donít lose vigilance, especially if it involves some massive celebration and many new acquaintances.


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