Scorpio Horoscope for December 2017

December 2017 Horoscope Scorpio

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio for December 2017

Monthly December 2017 Horoscope for Scorpio
Monthly December 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Scorpio

On the 1st, Venus will enter your money house. Venus, the ruler of beauty and harmony, will attract you to good taste and value in this house. You will be able to see the true worth of something, whether this is a good or service. If you buy something, it will be of elegance, quality, and luxury. You may attach emotions to these items, convincing yourself that you need to have them for your happiness. Watch your impulsive behaviors throughout the month, as Venus might just play a trick on you! On the other hand, you will also be generous and will give freely to those important people in your life. Venus, who is also the planet of love, will make you attracted to people who are wealthy. You need this financial security in order to feel loved now, and this may seep into your dating life. You need a partner now who is simple, genuine, and hardworking to feel emotionally balanced. If you are in a relationship, you might expect your partner to buy you something expensive this month as a sign of commitment and affection. Even though you are a deep person, dear Scorpio, you will see money as a means for beauty this month. You are also as sensual as ever this December, and nice smells and expensive fabrics will get your engine revving in the bedroom with your lover!

This financial upswing is a welcome change, given that Saturn has been in your 2nd house as well for the past 2.5 years. He has slowed down your financial progress, causing you to feel pessimistic and even neurotic about finances. Saturn may have forced you to reorganize your money, but this was only to prepare you for the necessities of life. Your conservative nature regarding money will assist you in future endeavors. On the 20th, Saturn will finally move out of your 2nd house into your 3rd house of thinking and communication. This will feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders. Saturn will help you a lot in this house, and it will be something you might actually enjoy over the next 2.5 years! You will reorganize how you think, write, act, and speak during this time. You are a deep soul and consider the complexities of life quite often, but this alignment will bring you even deeper into yourself. You will be forced to take on more responsibilities within your communication sector as well. Saturn's discipline will help you take on questions and issues between your relationships, and you will use your communication abilities to reorganize and solve these problems.

On the 9th of December, Mars enters your 1st house dear Scorpio! He will bring you energy, positivity, and confidence in your sexy self. People who are attracted to strong individuals will come to you during the month. It is a good opportunity to date outside of your comfort zone, as Mars has the wits to take action and risks! If you are in a relationship, you will want to be more adventurous with your lover in the bedroom. It is the perfect time to spice things up in your sex life. Mars might make you a little cocky here though, so make sure that you aren't being too stubborn when it comes to sensitive issues amongst loved ones. You will feel assertive and passionate the most this month, with the tendency to get more angry than hurt during challenging situations. You are also an excellent leader with Mars in your sign, and will be ready to take charge in your professional life. Others will want to follow you, wondering what has got you on such a high! In addition, on the 3rd, Mercury enters your 2nd house. You will spend a lot of time studying and getting the information right, which will support Mars' alignment here even more in the workplace. You are truly the jack of all trades this month, and will be able to process a lot of different information at once. The alignments of both Mars and Mercury will make you want to work at your own pace, and you will insist upon this to your superiors. They want you to advocate for yourself this month!

Jupiter remains in your house as well, lovely Scorpio! This alignment is almost as intense as you are. Jupiter's tendency is to expand, and expand you will indeed. This may manifest as your spiritual growth, as you will begin to see signs of your inner mysticism this month. You will realize there is a power within you to do anything and get anything you desire. Jupiter will give you the confidence to love yourself, know your abilities, and trust in the Universe. Be careful not to manipulate this gift, as Jupiter's intention is for good. This planetary aspect also encourages you to share your abundance of luck and good spirit, so you will make a lot of new friends over the course of the year. This alignment is one of the most auspicious in your chart, so you are destined to have a pretty epic year!

Pluto, your planetary ruler, is still in the middle of his very long cycle in Capricorn. This alignment will last until 2024, and has been here since 2008. This has encouraged you to grow intellectually, as you have been thinking very deeply and intensely about all kinds of subjects over the past several years. This will continue to transform you and help you grow throughout your time here on Earth. Because all of the planets are in the lower half of your chart, matters will deal mostly with inner identity, emotions, thoughts, and conversations. You will enjoy a lot of journal or writing of some form this month, whether it is creative, freehand, or structured. The planets have aligned to give you the best success in finances, so you can finally breathe, dear Scorpio!

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