Virgo Horoscope for December 2017

December 2017 Horoscope Virgo

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo for December 2017

Monthly December 2017 Horoscope for Virgo
Monthly December 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Virgo

The month of December will begin with Venus in your 4th house of home and family. Venus here behaves a little differently than in other houses, as this is one of the angular sectors in the chart. You will really appreciate your most private spaces this month. Wherever you go to hide from the world, Venus will be ready to welcome you with open arms. You may be inclined towards a more comfortable lifestyle this month, putting emphasis on staying at home, warm and cozy. You might feel nostalgic about your past, and childhood memories may come up without warning. It is important that you stay connected with family members from your early life, if these relationships are healthy and stable. If they are not around, create space for current family, friends, and loved ones to be with you this month. It is also a great time to reorganize your space at home. Venus loves making everything even more beautiful, so find a project or a way to redecorate. It might give you the creative inspiration you need to make your environment even more fulfilling! You will get extra pleasure in taking care of your family and making their environment a beautiful one as well.

On the 9th, Mars enters your 3rd house of communication, ruled by the planet Mercury. This alignment is very different from your usual personality of being more reserved. Over the month, you will speak your mind quite easily, and may even let the words escape you without thinking. You will feel passionate to share your ideas, opinions, and knowledge with others, in hopes that they are able to see your stance from this direct communication style. You may find yourself enjoying debates more than usual, as well! Mars does have a competitive side, but this doesn't always have to be serious. Although, you are a more serious sign, so you have the tendency to take conversations more intensely and genuinely than others. Mars in this sign also helps clarify any new ideas about work or career, and can help you move forward if you are considering changing paths. Keep in mind that while you are always on a mission to help others, you need to be kind to yourself first to set yourself up for success! Your feelings are always valid and true, dear Virgo, even if you refuse to accept them.

Mercury is in retrograde in your 4th house for 3 weeks this month. You might feel shaken up and confused by your intentions here. This does not necessarily apply to just home and family, but also to your personal moral compass. It is an excellent time to reflect on your thoughts and feelings during this phase. Take the time to reevaluate what you are reconsidering in your life right now. How does this serve you? Are you acting in your highest interest? Are you acting within your ideals for the future and others? You are patient and logical, and Mercury in retrograde isn't enough to shake you up, dear Virgo! The Universe knows full well that you can handle this transition. The 6th is a particularly strong day for you. Aspects between Mercury, Saturn, and Mars will inspire you to communicate and take action. You might feel this pull in your personal life or within your professional sector. You will want to get your point across and share how you feel with others in order to affect the greatest change.

Your focus will be targeted towards your family, personal communication, intellectual pursuits, identity, and home life the most this month. Jupiter supports these areas in the 3rd house, where he will be until late next year. This alignment encourages you to expand your knowledge, and use your intellect for growth during this time. You seem incredibly smart and knowledgeable to others, although, you may lack the confidence to see it in yourself. Jupiter's good fortune will hopefully convince you that you are effortlessly intelligent and this will somehow work in your favor. You will also seek a lot of mental stimulation. There is a level of curiosity that Jupiter shares with the 3rd house of communication, and you will certainly be eager to learn! Over the course of his reign here, people may start to depend on you to solve their problems or to know exactly what to do in a sticky situation. Make sure that you do not feed into their expectations, as Jupiter wants this learning exploration to be fun for you, not necessarily stressful. Your 3rd house also rules your neighborhood, and you may want to get to know your neighbors more closely throughout the year. Your conversational abilities are strong this month, and the Universe encourages you to start discussions of any kind. You never know what will come out of your brilliant mind, lovely Virgo!

If you are a single Virgo, your love life might not be very active, but there are no warning signs in the skies this month for you to avoid dating. Go for it! You will get what you put out there, because the planets are leaving you independent of their guidance and control for a little while. Your communication abilities will be on point, so have confidence that you have the right thing to say to your potential mate! If you are a Virgo in a relationship, you will enjoy deeper and more direct communication with your special someone. Instead of physical intimacy, you may be more drawn to having intellectual conversations with your partner, with the intention of growing your mental and emotional connection. Your health is predicted to be fair, with energy being low until the 21st of December. You need to conserve your energy wisely, and only make commitments when you feel healthy. Your emotional health will be extremely stable, wise one, so as long as you get enough rest, you should be in the clear!

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