Sagittarius Horoscope for January 2017

January 2017 Horoscope Sagittarius

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius for January 2017

Monthly January 2017 Horoscope for Sagittarius
Monthly January 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Sagittarius

In January 2017 Sagittarius will be one of many signs for whom the benefactor of the current year cycle, the Fire Rooster, will initially set a powerful energetic vector. That is, for people born with the sign of Sagittarius, this month will be extremely successful, just like all the following months of this year. It is important to remember that we are dealing with a genuinely high intensity, as even Venus, the primary benefactor of Sagittarius, will act at full capacity. Mercury, who is always negatively configured in relation to Sagittarius, will now take up an unsteady position, and the other helper of this Zodiac sign, Jupiter, will take a plainly neutral stance. All this means that you can expect certain difficulties, but they will not be all that massive and insurmountable, even if that's exactly how it might seem from the outside. Sagittarius is quite a determined sign, but you must remember that mere determination by no means always allow you to achieve the desired result. Nobody is saying that Sagittarius must slow down drastically, however, you must definitely reflect, and probably a good deal more than you are used to doing. The moon, negatively configured towards your sign, will turn excessively sharp movements to its own advantage without difficulty, so in every situation, take into account the individual characteristics, otherwise you risk suffering defeat.

The work domain in January 2017 will bloom for Sagittarius in radically new colors. First of all, you should focus on the projects which you have already been pursuing. That way you can economize dramatically on resources and eliminate potential dangers. It won't work to explain the situation in more detail, because in each separate instance everything will proceed in its own way. At the same time, new possibilities will naturally open up before you, and at this stage it would certainly not make sense to analyze your options in a leisurely manner, at great length and with irrelevant digressions. Now you must first act, and then think. Yes, that is really how you must go about it! Although here again you should not be too fanatical, as completely imprudent actions result in unfavorable consequences all too often. That is, you must reflect a little on everything, but, on the whole, you can keep the momentum going and hurtle ahead at full speed, as you've always dreamed of doing. There is a danger (on account of the position of the aforementioned moon) for those Sagittarians who do not undertake a total modernization. Representatives of this sign who do not have their own business will lose ground if they are excessively proactive and carry out their work poorly.

In relation to the sphere of feelings and emotions, January 2017 could be an equally successful time for Sagittarius. But here (in comparison to the work domain) you will need to think (slightly) more, and there will be less dynamics (although... it depends how you look at it). Sagittarians who have families will be in a difficult position. It is possible that several will decide on the most drastic changes, but they will have unambiguously beneficial consequences, of this you can rest assured. Don't prolong the situation, but don't shoot from the hip either, because in front of you there could suddenly appear circumstances which change everything overnight. If this concerns the "object of your adoration", who is not in any way susceptible to your charms, at the current stage the most "productive" option appears to be for you to just give it up. This will not be a defeat! This merely frees up your hands, gives you a whole bunch of new possibilities, and apart from that, you know perfectly well what it is to be jealous, and how it works. What would really be a defeat is over-confidence. If there is a chance, double check your own plans, otherwise you risk coming to terms with defeats.

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