Capricorn Horoscope for July 2017

July 2017 Horoscope Capricorn

Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn for July 2017

Monthly July 2017 Horoscope for Capricorn
Monthly July 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Capricorn

With respect to people born under the sign of Capricorn, July 2017 could be quite a colorful month, although it won't be unambiguous in all respects. The thing is, in addition to Saturn, the traditional celestial patron of this sign, Mars will now help it, although he is a sheer nightmare for all the other signs (at this stage). Overall, an unusual situation will develop, but it will inevitably be positive in the end. The bottom line is that you mustn't be frightened by the fact that already at the start of the month many of your plans will not seem feasible, and future prospects will seem purely illusory. Don't betray your positions, act as before - confidently and consistently. When it comes to work, a lot of interesting things await you, in particular, this could involve significant changes in staff. In the sphere of feelings and emotions it's hard to say anything specific, since, knowing Capricorn, it's difficult to guess exactly how he will react to developments. On the other hand - the stars predict success, at least you have everything you need for this. Sometimes you just need to look over your shoulders at the Dark Moon, whose unfavorable position could cause several difficulties to arise. Don't take on too much, don't be self-serving, otherwise you will lose everything you have.

Dwelling on work in more detail, it's worth pointing out that in July 2017 Capricorn will be in demand. This won't necessarily involve technical aspects. In this regard, communication will come to the forefront, and many Capricorns will be all too happy that colleagues of the opposite sex will pay more attention to them. How to use this to your advantage? However you want! You could, for example, manipulate others, but - in moderation, so that there won't be any clearly negative consequences for those around you. In this regard it's important to be aware of your responsibility, and if you are prepared to deal with the consequences - act. In actual fact this will be a successful month for people who don't work for themselves. There is a chance of getting a raise, or getting a position which, though it might not pay better, is prestigious or desirable. Capricorns who have their own businesses can focus on the projects which have already been implemented. The dynamics of the period must be focused on developing the existing holdings, and it would be better to hold off on acquiring new resources. This is a universal strategy, which everyone will "tweak" for themselves. Just don't get carried away with planning, since excessive calculations and wasting time will help the Dark Moon to confound your plans, and then your prospects will, metaphorically speaking, become hazy.

The "romantic front" in July 2017 promises to be extremely varied, rich in developments and phenomena of an outstanding type. For Capricorn the situation will be rather atypical, and so it would be logical to expect reactions which do not correspond to others' expectation of you. Simply put - don't be afraid to be yourself. React to what is taking place however you like, and not how you are "supposed to" react, in your understanding. If you don't live up to somebody's expectations, this is their own problem - these are their expectations, not yours. In the family, pay attention to the younger generation, as somebody will definitely need your support now, although they won't tell you themselves. Single Capricorns are advised to listen to their hearts and to go where it seems like happiness awaits them. Don't be afraid of making a mistake, since it's better to do and regret than not to do and not to regret. Just don't forget the unfavorable position of the Dark Moon. While remaining yourself, control your instincts, and don't unleash your baser desires or incite conflicts (even if you really want to), otherwise you will lose.

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