June 2017 horoscope for Libra

June 2017 Libra monthly horoscope
In June 2017, people born under the sign of Libra can count on the patronage of the Sun and Saturn. If Saturn is their traditional helper, then the position of the lord of the heavenly host is quite unique. In its ordinary position, the Sun is quite aggressive towards Libra, but in the first month of summer many things will change in the most radical way. In particular, you will reassess your relationship with your closest friends, and many things will become clear to you, since all covers will be cast off now, and secret things will come to light. This may shock you, but we are talking about positive changes. Be ready to make radical decisions, since this will be a powerful, dynamic time for you, which will let you progress to the next level of understanding. In a practical sense this could mean a new job or a long awaited workplace which will completely satisfy your desires. In the sphere of emotions, there are likely to be developments which you have been expecting for a long time. Donít miss your chance! Now only Mars is not favorable towards you. Heís not particularly strong, but his position could be strengthened by your lack of confidence. Remember: stopping one step away from victory, a lack of confidence in your own abilities, a lack of vigor Ė all of these factors will stop you from achieving what you want.

With respect to the area of work, the key trends in 2017 for Libras will resemble the following. At the start of the first ten-day period you will unexpectedly understand that many things have changed. Donít rush to change in keeping with the world around, because not all the metamorphoses will be to your liking. Libras who have their own businesses must be proactive and act in a timely manner, as this will result in permanent development and new achievements. The stars advise those who donít work for themselves to take on as many projects as possible, and it doesnít matter if most of them fall away halfway through the month. Act however you consider necessary, but donít forget that sometimes experience is more important than intuition. Look around you and itís quite likely that youíll notice something very important. The concluding part of June could bring you additional financial bonuses, although this wonít be the most important aspect. Donít let yourself relax, and donít enter into conflicts with colleagues, as this will activate Mars, and the result could be quite unpredictable.

On the ďromantic frontĒ, in June 2017 Libras will be on a roll, so to speak. They will be able to understand whatís going on behind the scenes on an intuitive level, and theyíll make the most correct decisions. Itís only logical that your loved ones and friends will see this and, although they donít completely appreciate how promising such abilities are, they may still ask you to help them. Whether you should decline or not is not the easiest question to answer, at least because not all situations will be complicated enough to require outside help. Whether to be a total altruist or to act more subtly, bringing a real advantage to the people who are dear to you Ė this will depend entirely on your values and worldview. Remember that essentially there canít be a wrong outcome in this regard, but this doesnít do away with the fact that with your actions you determine the attitude of those around you. The stars advise single Libras to focus on self-improvement, and they advise married Libras to pay close attention to their significant others. This will be a good time, suitable for all kinds of endeavors. You shouldnít overdo it, however. Control your desires and emotions, otherwise your lack of restraint could strengthen the position of the Red Planet, and then the result wonít be to your liking.


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