Capricorn Horoscope for August 2018

August 2018 Horoscope Capricorn

Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn for August 2018

Monthly August 2018 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Capricorn

Violent Mars, one of the main patrons of Capricorn, who usually acts as the exultant planet of this sign, will change from mercy to anger, imposing certain limitations during August 2018. But, on the other hand, the positions of the Moon and Jupiter, which often act against Capricorns, will also be reversed. As a result, you get quite an extraordinary combination, and the main lesson to be learned is the following one: now you cannot subject yourself to risk, and do not make yourself dependent on variable factors that can screw you up at any time. No matter who is trying to persuade you into doing the opposite, do not give in to temptation, otherwise you will end up regretting it and there will be no one to blame but yourself. At the same time, some dramatic changes may lead to consequences that will not please you. It means that in spite of current stage being quite dynamic, its main feature will be adherence to previously-agreed plans. A minimum level of pro-activity, a lack of sudden changes, and overall conservatism will be mandatory for achieving victory. Strictly speaking, such a situation will not turn out to be anything exceptional, so there is no point in dwelling too much on it. It is important to note that this time is also good for romance, for solving some intra-family problems, and for achieving new benchmarks in the working arena.

August 2018 will be successful but ambiguous for Capricorns with regards to working and financial spheres. Now is clearly not a good time for trusting everyone, although by acting together with your colleagues, you will definitely achieve much greater results than acting independently. Considering Capricorns who have their own businesses, they have every chance of understanding the situation clearly, right from the beginning. Someone will probably tell you something or hint at something, maybe unintentionally. It does not matter how you get the information you need; it's important how you use it. The risk is not worth it during this period, as it can endanger you or lead to some great failure. A more positive prognosis awaits you in the field of competent strategic planning. Pay more attention to the technical side of an issue; perhaps some element of the work process needed to be modernized a long time ago. In addition, this time is especially successful in terms of reviewing the personnel policy. As for Capricorns working for someone else, the end of summer will be equally memorable, but the main "catch" is that not a lot of things are actually dependent on you. You will just go with the general flow. Of course, it is necessary to work with your oars in order to bypass the whirlpools and move your boat in a deliberately advantageous direction. However, you are unlikely to need any incredibly heroic efforts to do this.

Love lives will be quite sensual and romantic for Capricorns in August 2018, although emphasis will often have to be placed on directly opposing positions. The single members of this sign can rely on absolute sincerity and focused purposefulness when trying to change their current status. But here, it makes sense to follow already proven methods; otherwise, you will expose yourself to unjustifiable risk. At this time, relationships can develop according to a variety of scenarios. You should pay attention to them, trying to understand every turn of the plot, immersing yourself in it, and then you will definitely get true pleasure, even if in the end it turns out that this romance was destined to fail. But, this should not concern you in the least. Stars recommend for you to enjoy life, not trying too hard to attach yourself to new acquaintances. For family Capricorns, it makes sense to listen to opinions from outside, and from people whom you suddenly met along your life path. Right now it is exactly those people who can have a powerful, positive impact on you. That is, of course, only if you yourself allow it. So, do not jump to conclusions; it's fortunate for you that time will be an ally, not an enemy, just like for the rest of the signs. In addition, this period is really successful in terms of strengthening your emotional well-being and setting priorities for the near future.

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