Gemini Horoscope for August 2018

August 2018 Horoscope Gemini

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini for August 2018

Monthly August 2018 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Gemini

The last month of summer will prove to be a rather interesting life period, which, however, needs to be approached by Geminis with a certain degree of caution. In August 2018 you should trust only those friends who have been tested, those who are the most reliable long-term friends. Do not trust anyone else in any impending situation, because due to the negative location of Eris, which is not particularly lenient towards your sign in its usual position, there is a serious probability of being deceived. Nevertheless, some basic care will be enough to neutralize any potential negativity. In addition, one of your major patrons, Mercury, will be seriously strengthened by its interstellar position at this stage. This indicates that you will succeed in those types of businesses that require a thoughtful plan and rational approach. In general, your sign will receive some special bonuses, specifically in the working environment, because of Mercury being such an undeniable and skillful patron in relation to work. Do not allow yourself to take risks in any case - this is a time for thoughtful actions and logical sequences. Also be aware that you cannot cope alone with situations that can be rightfully described as critical. Therefore, you should not reject any help that your friends and colleagues offer you. The fore-mentioned moment with trust is the one peculiarity to be taken into account, and otherwise there is no point in being worried, since everything will develop as it should.

In August 2018 the zodiac sign of Gemini will be really favored in terms of their professional occupations. The main thing is to use this situation wisely and not to miss the opportunity, which may be subtle but still very promising. If you do not work for yourself, the first thing to pay attention to is the mood of your management. Now it is very important to catch the wave, to feel the rhythm being emitted out by your surroundings. Even if at first it might seem that the situation is not developing in your favor, do not rush to conclusions. First, this time is quite dynamic, and the situation can change literally every hour. Second, not all obvious paths will lead to victory; at times you have to stop and think carefully about other possible options. Do not be afraid to look hesitant in other people's eyes - you may wait a long time, but then make the right decision in the end. Independent Geminis are recommended to act after consulting equally with the mind and emotions. Your bubbly personality, eccentricity and colorful character will not be considered an advantage all the time. Be attentive. You will probably be offered an opportunity to invest in some new business. In general, the period favors dramatic, large-scale steps, but this does not mean that it is wise to misread some pure coincidences. Do not forget about your talents; use them to the fullest, and do not trust anyone who does not believe in you.

Love life will bring the Geminis many high points in August 2018, but not all of them will occur in priority areas. This means that you should not focus too much on what seems to be most important to you. Now it is logical to move a little slower, but simultaneously in several directions, and the saying that you can't be in two places at the same time doesn't exactly fit, so relax. Turning to Geminis who have been in some serious and long-term relationships, such persons should definitely adhere to their guiding principles. Do not try to change yourself to impress a person who can have the most direct and probably beneficial influence on your destiny purely through their opinion. During this period some conclusive meetings can take place, but they will be worthwhile only if you manage to stay true to yourself no matter what. This can be considered a small test to a certain extent, although it is unlikely to be difficult for you, especially considering that now you have strong patrons on the heavenly bend. If you are single, then it is definitely worth exploring everything new at this stage. Here, you can completely break with your own guidelines, but only if it is really worth it. If you meet a person who you think you can trust for one hundred percent, if you are absolutely sure of your feelings, then do not be afraid to make the biggest sacrifices, because in this case the outcome will definitely not disappoint you.

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