Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2018

March 2018 Horoscope Sagittarius

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius for March 2018

Monthly March 2018 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Sagittarius

In March, 2018, Mercury, that usually acts as the planet responsible for Sagittarius's exile, will switch its position to the completely opposite one. The location of Eris, your main celestial patron, will be quite successful. But Ceres will remain in its quite hostile position. In essence, the ongoing month will remain volatile, maybe even too volatile. There will be a lot of new people and unique events coming into your life, and each and every one of them will require some personal attention. Some things will be extremely relevant, some will be too illusive, taking a lot and giving nothing back. That's why the stars recommend for Sagittarius representatives to stay alert. You will definitely have some time to think everything over, not being rushed by anything. It is important to think everything over only because of information shortages, though that information is required for making adequate decisions. Try to remain focused and act in the most reasonable manner. This time can drive you into a temporary state of depression just because a lot of events will go against your ethical standards. There is nothing scary about it: it is good for you to stress a bit from time to time (this ability is what makes humans different from animals). Don't get too depressed because you can still strengthen your situation in a number of life aspects in March, though it might happen not the way you planned it before.

March, 2018, will be moderately successful in relation to business activities. Sagittarius representatives who are business owners had better watch out and focus only on the important areas. Don't diffuse your attention or your resources: unfavorable circumstances are right there waiting for them. Your task is to get everything all together, including people, in case of need. You have to turn into a wise leader to lead your team all the way to the victory. Hold back some of your most eager fighters, don't let them be foolish in an obvious way, or they will set up not only themselves but also you. For Sagittarius representatives who are not business owners, exert just enough effort to change everything for the better (with "the better" not meaning some radical reforms or revolutions). It is not likely that you will encounter any truly serious issues but no one can rule out some confrontations within the circumstances. You might have been planning something out for a long time with the idea of making it come true, but the current period is not the best one for a breakthrough. You need gradual acceleration, and you have to set your standards as high as possible, with your ambitions coming in really handy. But excessive actions, hustle and insecurities can feed Ceres, which in turn will make you collide with some situations with no foreseeable positive outcome.

Love life will grant Sagittarius representatives new opportunities in March, 2018, but those opportunities won't be easy and obvious ones to obtain. On the other hand, you will have the chance to capture your crush's attention. If you have some open confrontation approaching you, don't engage in it; be wiser and craftier than your opponents. If you feel that someone is covertly plotting something against you, then, instead, try to act in a bright and bold manner. This is the type of original and flexible strategy which is not that common to you but is a perfect way (and maybe even the only way) to win. Sagittarius representatives with families should not be saddened if something goes wrong in the first days of the month. It is most probably not your fault but the fault of side factors, totally uncontrollable ones. Don't play on any rival's field. Occupy the position which satisfies you entirely, like the one on a couch under the blanket with a cup of coffee in your hands, and only then try to listen to problems being discussed. This time might be critical for your dearest and nearest, and you can help them to make the right decision. Just don't take too much responsibility on yourself because you are not in the position to decide for someone else. But, you are quite capable of giving some good advice. You can't pay as much attention to your inner world as before in March, 2018. This is a good thing because there will be enough to do in the outside world.

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