Sagittarius Horoscope for May 2018

May 2018 Horoscope Sagittarius

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius for May 2018

Monthly May 2018 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Sagittarius

Sagittarius, who represents the element of Fire, will not have a "heavenly leader" this month, which could become an additional source of vitality and luck. On the other hand, Eris (the planet-ruler of your sign Eris) will occupy a dominant position in the heavenly vault in May 2018, and this will surely affect you. You will have everything you need to keep moving forward, but do not push your luck. No matter how good the situation is, do not forget to look around. It is very important now, because Mercury (your main antagonist) will not be strong enough to attack you openly, but can come up with some covert dirty tricks while you are busy with your own affairs. Do not be afraid: this situation is simply a probability that can only become a reality as a result of your own inattention. Do not be driven away by some overly intense emotions; even if you really want to use some strong vocabulary, it is better to restrain yourself. The things above refer to your working sphere - things will be a little different in your family life. It is important to note that it will be much more productive to concentrate your entire attention on the working sphere. This will give you the opportunity to make all your plans come true, or at least lay a powerful foundation.

Focusing in more detail on business and finance issues, we note that in May 2018 Sagittarius representatives who work in teams will find it necessary not to give others an opportunity to discuss anything about you. This means that even when acting in the most dynamic way, do not try to emphasize your superiority. Let everything happen naturally, especially since your colleagues should have already witnessed all your talents in action. You can enhance the situation by participating in some corporate event, and it is recommended not to decline any invitations to this kind of event. This is a good and a bright time, and now anything can happen. Plus, if you try hard enough, there is a possibility of getting promoted in the near future. For Sagittarius representatives who have their own businesses, everything will be the same. The only difference is that here, the representatives of this sign will have to pay more attention not to themselves, but to those ones who work for them. Everything rests in the manufacturing process, and that's why you should try to simply exclude the very possibility of negligence. If necessary be quite candid in your actions, but not too cruel. If you press too hard, you can end up with opposite results.

Try to be active in the love sphere. Single persons can get away with anything, and any madness will most probably benefit their image. Another question is how far you decide to go in acting mad. Do not test yourself without any specific need, but if you are betting on something, go ahead. Just don't put your relationships at risk; everything else is not important. When we say relationships we also mean some friendships. In general, May is good in terms of getting the most from your life. So, you can easily participate in any adventures, crazy parties and anything like this. But, Sagittarius representatives with families are better not to do anything alone: they have to cooperate with their loved ones in all situations. This cooperation will not only provide some advantages, but also shield you from potential problems. As for probable conflicts, just try not to aggravate them. And, in some situations it will be easier to simply turn around and leave without saying a word. Just don't slam the door in a demonstrative manner: it is a very childish thing to do. If there is an opportunity to help someone, be sure to do this even at the cost of missing out on your own minor opportunity. Altruism will benefit your karma; certainly you should grasp this opportunity. It is important to note that for your sign the final spring month will not be a time for reflection and planning. This is the period to make all your plans come true. This period is not that active in comparison to other periods, though it can also make you break a sweat in some positive way.

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