Taurus Horoscope for May 2018

May 2018 Horoscope Taurus

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus for May 2018

Monthly May 2018 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Taurus

For Taurus representatives, who are particularly favored by Venus and Moon at this stage, May 2018 will be a very, very critical time but in a positive context. Now, you definitely should not be afraid of strong emotions, any changes should be welcomed, even - and perhaps especially - if you are not ready for them. This is a good time, which will show to others, and more importantly to yourself, what you are really capable of. On the other hand, responsibility can scare you, and you could end up crouching under a table, but then don't be surprised by the outcome. Decide for yourself what you really want, whether it is a transition to a new position, an increase in income, new relationships, or an opportunity to keep everything as it is (which will lead to literally nothing in the end). This month, strong emotions will apply some pressure on you, and you are the one to decide how this pressure will affect you, how you will perceive it, and what future you will see for yourself and for the people around you. In fact, there is not a single drop of philosophy or metaphysics involved in that decision, and everything will happen in a quick and natural way without much thinking involved. Some Taurus representatives might not even realize that they have made a choice. Of course, it will happen the other way if you are aware enough. It is not necessary to be in a hurry when trying to make important decisions, but pausing too much will also cause some troubles. This doesn't mean that you have to strike a balance in between; it means that you can choose a convenient tactic and level out its disadvantages along the way.

From the point of view of financial issues everything will look like this: in May 2018, Taurus representatives will be tested on something. Strictly speaking, this may not be a test at all, just some sort of difficulty, a complexity defined by circumstances and not by your personal decisions. The future of your business will depend on how quickly and qualitatively you manage to solve this problem. For Taurus representatives who do not have their own businesses, we can foresee some drastic changes happening. Perhaps you will be offered a new position right away, and even though this position will be a substitute one you should immediately decide whether you are ready for it or not. Any shade of doubt will most certainly lead to some failure. It is important to understand that the second spring month can dramatically increase your potential, and in certain circumstances nothing will be required from you at all. Of course, you will immediately understand what you have encountered - you will be able to make the right decision at the right time. The only objective obstacle along the way is that one of your colleagues might feel envious towards you. It is necessary to understand how you can solve this problem best: in a very decisive way (for example, by firing that envious colleague), or in a soft manner (by initiating a sincere conversation with that colleague). Of course, because of Mars's unfavorable position, the second option is preferable, but sometimes there is really no easy way out, and one has to apply some extreme measures. This is not the thing to be feared, because some changes cannot take place without some perceived pain or victims.

Love life will give Taurus representatives all the necessary incentives in May 2018. For example, you might have wanted to move away from your family for a long time but did not dare to make this move. Now some of your family members, or even all of them, will suggest that you do this. Maybe something more dramatic will happen. In any case, the occurrence will take place, and the stars strongly recommend you to support your family. Of course, there can be a lot of peculiarities that you have to take into account in each case, but we're talking about a situation that will be quite surprising for you in itself. Taurus representatives who are in possession of strong and established relationships are recommended to give their loved ones as much time as possible. Now it is a good time to go fishing with your family, or take a vacation and go somewhere absolutely spontaneously. Of course, it's up to you. Singles can now act more freely: virtually any strategy will be victorious for them. You can start a new relationship with someone you have known for a long time, or you can take a chance and try your luck with someone you've just met. This does not necessarily mean some serious relationship. It can be both friendship and the proposal of partnership. Anyway, it is definitely worth relying on emotions and not on persuasion (to a certain extent, of course). This month will pass under the dominance of Venus for your sign, and the "heavenly priestess" knows more about feelings than anyone else.

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